12 Best Spicy Restaurants in Liverpool

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When it comes to foodie cities in the UK, Liverpool is up there as one of the best. You can find all kinds of cuisine here, from Lebanese and Turkish to Vietnamese, Brazilian and Greek. Not only is there a huge choice of cafes, restaurants and pubs, but you can also visit the selection of food markets like Duke Street, Renshaw Street and Baltic Market. If you’re a fan of spicy food, you won’t be disappointed. We’ve put together the spiciest restaurants in town – are you brave enough to try them?

Mr. Chilli Chinese Restaurant

Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe, so it goes without saying that there is an endless choice of Chinese eateries around the city. One of our favourites is Mr. Chilli Chinese Restaurant on Seel Street. The name says it all – you can expect to find spicy dishes like Bang Bang Shredded Chicken and Sliced Pork in Hot and Numbing Sauce. The restaurant also has a good selection of Sichuan dishes, known for their tongue-tingling sensations.


The award-winning Lunya has been serving up authentic Catalonian and Spanish dishes since 2010. Its main location is on Hanover Street, where you’ll find a full menu of deli platters, meat, fish and vegetable tapas, and paella options. Fans of spicy food will want to order the Habas Picantes (spicy baked baby broad beans) or the Padron Peppers (small Galician green peppers). For a more intimate experience, visit Lunyalita in Albert Dock. It’s cosier than its sister restaurant, but the flavours here are just as delicious.


Another Albert Dock restaurant worthy of a spicy mention is Madre. It’s only been open since 2019 but this industrial-chic eatery has quickly become a favourite for fans of Mexican food. Come hungry, as you’ll want to mix and match from their selection of juicy tacos, quesadillas, tostadas and other specialties. Don’t skip their long list of salsas either, from their smoky chipotle salsa to their head-exploding mango and habanero chilli salsa. Luckily, their margaritas are just what you need to cool your tongue down.

Spice Thai

With two locations on Fleet Street and in the street food haven Baltic Market, Spice Thai specialises in authentic dishes straight from the sunny streets of Bangkok. There’s something for every spice lover here, and some of our favourite spicy dishes include Pad Kee Mao Udon, Panang Curry, Pla Rad Prik Seabass and the classic Papaya Salad. When things get a little too hot, choose from their refreshing cocktails to cool things down.

Mowgli Street Food

The chain of Mowgli restaurants have taken over the UK, but if you’ve never tried them and are craving Indian food, then it’s worth paying a visit to the very first Mowgli which was opened here in Liverpool. Order favourites like Gunpowder Chicken or the Goan Fish Curry for a fiery blast. Mowgli also has a generous vegan menu with plenty of options. All the dishes here boast bold, daring flavours which aren’t watered down for the Western palette.

Delifonseca Dockside

Fancy some good food in a chic setting? Set on Liverpool’s renowned waterfront, Delifonseca Dockside offers mouth watering seasonal dishes within airy, plush interiors. From classics like Coq Au Vin and Bouillabaisse, to vegan moussaka and a selection of platters. Something on the menu caught your fancy? Be sure to visit their food hall and butchers where you can pick up tasty treats and gifts.

Sanskruti Restaurant

When it comes to the best vegetarian restaurants in Liverpool, Sanskruti Restaurant is at the top of the list. Specialising in Indian cuisine, this Bixteth Street institution offers vibrant vegan and vegetarian dishes from all around the country, from the dosas of South India to the chaats of Mumbai and rich North Indian curries. Find street food classics like pani puri and samosa chaat – you can even request your dishes to be as spicy as you want.

Tiger Rock Hawker

Can’t make it to Asia? Tiger Rock Hawker is the next best thing. Inspired by the cuisines of Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Laos but with an added twist, this restaurant serves up small plates and bowls which are perfect for sharing. From spicy papaya salad to warming Singaporean chicken coconut curry noodles, find all your favourites on either of their locations on Smithdown Road or North John Street.

Maggie Fu

Can’t get enough of Asian street food? Maggie Fu is another must-visit for spicy food lovers, with two locations on Hanover Street and Smithdown Road. This family-owned restaurant is the ideal spot to relax and enjoy appetisers like their Spicy Korean Chicken Wings, or larger plates like their Spicy Chilli & Basil With Minced Pork. Feeling adventurous? You can also build your own ramen bowl – there’s even a spicy broth option.

Da Mount Gurkha

Somewhat of a hidden gem, Da Mount Gurkha is worth the trip out of Liverpool city centre. This Nepalese restaurant in Waterloo is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something a little different. Expect to find dishes like Momos (steamed dumplings), Tareko Macha (white fish fillet marinated in Himalayan herbs and spices), Nepalese curries or for meat-lovers, tender chunks of lamb slow-cooked with chilli, tomato and garlic.

Barton Rouge

For contemporary Indian cuisine, look no further than Barton Rouge. With an ever-changing seasonal menu, you can expect everything from tandoori and masala dishes, to balti and Himalayan specialties. You’ll be pleased to know that the majority of the dishes have that little red chilli symbol next to them, such as the Murgh Mirchi Masala and the Honey Chicken Ghost Pepper.

Sultan’s Palace

As soon as you step foot in Sultan’s Palace, you’ll feel like you have indeed entered a royal castle. Decked out with luxurious interiors, this restaurant on Victoria Street is the best place for tandoori cuisine, barbecued in traditional charcoal fired clay ovens. Some of their spiciest dishes include King Prawn Mirchi Wala, South Indian Garlic Chicken and the explosive Lamb Vindaloo. There are also plenty of meat-free options to choose from.

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