Meet the Spice Pioneer

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Introducing a superb new and unique subscription box, unlike anything previously seen in the UK!

We treasure our loyal following of adventurous cooks and wanted to take things a step further in our pursuit of fabulous international spices and seasonings for you to enjoy.

The Spice Pioneer has been recruited to roam the culinary world to discover even more exciting dishes, ingredients and flavours.

Once you’ve signed up to join him on his journey, you can expect a delivery each month of a letter box sized parcel containing everything that you need bar the fresh ingredients, to create an authentic dining experience for four people. Think dinner parties with distinction!

The origin of the parcel will always be a surprise as The Spice Pioneer sends the parcel from wherever in the world he happens to be at that time.

Inside you will find a menu for your meal, your shopping list, clear and concise recipe cards, pots of authentic spices and seasonings, a postcard depicting his experiences and a link to a play list of music that he has compiled – all in all, the elements required to replicate a delightful culinary evening in a faraway place!

Signing up is very simple and you can choose to join for yourself or buy a gift of varying length, from 3, 6 or 12 months.

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