FAQ – Interacting – The Grapevine

What is ‘The Grapevine’?

The Grapevine is our feel-good page where we blow our own trumpet by publishing all the fabulous comments that are written about us!

Is it a useful resource?

If you are new to Seasoned Pioneers, we believe that it is reassuring to read the opinions of others before placing an order. We hope that by seeing the comments sent to us by customers and written in the media by food writers, you will be confident that you really are buying the best.

Do you publish every comment that you get?

We do our best to publish them all, but without wanting to sound conceited, we do get rather a lot! However, without exception, we always value you taking the time to let us know if you’ve enjoyed our products and service.

How do I contribute to The Grapevine?

Simply click ‘Submit a testimonial‘, complete the form and click ‘Send’. Thank you…