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BBQ Spice Rubs

The barbecue (BBQ, barbie) - an iconic symbol of those warm Elysian summer days - blue skies, extended daylight and wasps! Whether cooking over charcoal or the less traditional gas, it provides an opportunity to eat 'alfresco' with friends and family enjoying a tradition that has roots in American, Middle Eastern, Australian and Indian history.

Thoughts of sticky chicken wings, charred sausages and juicy burgers transport us to lazy, relaxing, happy times in the garden. Resurrecting the garden furniture, the essential 'brolly' and citronella candles that have been lurking in the gloom for so many months, we valiantly re-create our own 'costa del backyard'!

The scene is set. Who cannot but be impressed with dad brandishing his trident and spear in the culinary arena? Sporting an eye-catching toga (plastic pinnie) and a pint glass he prods, pokes, rotates and stabs with gladiatorial determination. His outstanding flair at the barbecue is enhanced not only by rigidly applied science and precision that allows for no burnt offerings, but by novel and innovative BBQ Spice rubs and spice blends that have come to his attention.

The foresight employed in carefully researching these wonderful spicy additions and in the advanced preparation of such magnificent marinades comes into its own. A minimum of an hour in the fridge and, hey presto, the humblest of meat, fish and/or vegetable ingredients are miraculously transformed into a mind-boggling feast! To the 'roar (delight) of the crowd (on-lookers) chef has delivered a food sensation. What started out as a 'burger in a bun' invitation has been elevated into the witnessing of a veritable art form!

Don't just dream of covering yourself in glory. Enter the 'fray' of barbecuing with the help of Seasoned Pioneers. We have produced a great selection of BBQ spice rubs that nod to a vast array of influences. Be it Middle Eastern Baharat - wonderful mixed with a little oil and garlic and used to marinate chicken thighs, or Cajun Blackening on grilled salmon. To die for! Allow our handcrafted spice mixes to make you the king or queen of BBQ! Be inspired to experiment whether it be the Indian influence Tandoori Masala swirled through yoghurt and slathered over meat or lemon pepper seasoning for those succulent shrimps!

Equally as important as the main event are the side dishes. Zahtar makes a wonderful seasoning for rice and cous cous salads. Harissa mixed with mayonnaise can transform a humble potato salad into a crowd pleaser. A slight dusting of Dukkah can add the welcomed savoury crunch to a leafy salad. Celery salt can create a lip-smacking coleslaw. The options are endless!