Pioneers Newspost – Gourmet Cooking Sauces

Newspost: Gourmet Cooking Sauces.  Two years of development lead to our authentic gourmet cooking sauces becoming a reality. They are available to buy at fine food outlets throughout the UK and by mail order.

The ten sauces (Moroccan Fennel and Apricot Tagine Sauce, Cajun Jambalaya, Spanish Pimenton Bravas Sauce, Sri Lankan Curry Sauce, Thai Penang Sauce, Indonesian Rendang, Chinese Sichuan Plum & Mandarin, Indian Jeera & Tamarind, Mexican Manchamantel and Vietnamese Kho) are based on some of our authentic spice blends and are all made to traditional recipes using no added colourings, flavourings or artificial additives.

Simply added to meat, fish, vegetables or whatever you fancy and cooked through it’s really easy to recreate authentic international dishes at home in a matter of minutes. We really hope you like them and as ever, we welcome any feedback.