Cubeb Pepper, Whole

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Cubeb Pepper, or the tailed peppercorn, has a big, bold taste. The pepper has a rounded allspice flavour with eucaluptus notes and a cooling spiciness. It is used across the Middle East and Indonesia for both sweet and savoury dishes and to season curries such as Indonesian Rendang.

Cubeb pepper is great for cutting through fatty meats and flavours in belly pork, tagines and Game. When the pepper is cooked, its bitter notes dissolve and because of this, the Middle East love adding it to pastries that contain dates, honey and pekmez.

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Ideally used in: Condiment Curries Stews

Excellent with: Beef Chicken Lamb Pork Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

2 reviews for Cubeb Pepper, Whole

  1. J R Day (verified owner)

    Intensely aromatic, this is a pepper with marvellously fresh and delicately scented lightness. Also called Tailed Pepper, because the stems on the peppercorns make it look like they have little tails, this is altogether the softest and gentlest of the peppers. You don’t need a pepper or spice grinder for this one; just crush it lightly to release the aroma. Works well with other spice mixes, providing a light aromatic lift and a touch of mystery. Flavour persists well, even through slow cooking.

  2. Staale Vestad (verified owner)

    Very very tasty pepper, one of the best there is.

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