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French Lavender is a beautifully delicate purple-blue flower. It has an intensely sweet, floral flavour with notes of citrus and mint. As well as its uses in cooking, lavender is a world-renowned scent in perfume, beauty products, holistic medicines and cleaning products.

Native to the Mediterranean and specifically the South of France, lavender is part of our Herbes de Provence blend. It also adds a floral undertone to the famous Moroccan blend Ras el Hanout.

Use lavender sparingly as too much can create an overwhelming perfume-like flavour. Chefs like to use it instead of rosemary for a wonderful floral flavour in vegetable dishes.

Within baking, lavender flowers lend a brilliant clean and floral flavour to its dishes. The herb works well with vanilla, chocolate and custard and is often found in high-end baked goods like macaroons, crème patisserie and syrups. It is also used as an edible garnish or for decoration.

If you are a cocktail or gin and tonic fan, try our Gin and Tonic Garnish Box! This contains lavender flowers that will make a great addition to your drinks.

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Ideally used in: Dressings Marinades Rubs Soups Stews Sweet

Excellent with: Chicken Lamb Pork Pulses Rice Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

1 review for Lavender French

  1. julian.sarah.vinnels (verified owner)

    The product was packaged well and the flavour full and fresh. It really added an extra dimension to the cake that had this as an ingredient.
    Delivery was very speedy.

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