Aji Amarillo Chillies, Ground

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Aji Amarillo chillies, or Peruvian chillies, have a unique, fruity flavour with raisin and berry notes. The whole chilli is a vibrant orange and measures 4 inches long before being ground into a fine powder.

Aji Amarillo is often found in the South American dish ceviche, salsas and Huancaina sauce (spicy cheese sauce). Peruvian cuisine utilises the chillies alongside red onion and garlic to make sauces and stews from the region.

Use the chillies in fruit salads that feature pineapple and mango and use sparingly to heat up salsas, avocado toast or scrambled eggs!

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1 review for Aji Amarillo Chillies, Ground

  1. zillahatkinson (verified owner)

    great chilli warm heat j perfect in tomato dishes

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