Hawaiian Red Salt

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Hawaiian Red Salt, or Alaea Salt, has a sweet and salty flavour that is mellow and unique. The salt originates from the Molokai region of the Hawaiian Islands, which is particularly special as there is almost no industrial pollution affecting the waters.

The Hawaiian Red Salt washes up the red alaea clay, which is renowned throughout the region for its incredible health benefits. After drying, the clay adds stunning red colour to the salt.

Alaea Salt is used within traditional Hawaiian cooking, in meals such as Poke (a mix of rice, raw fish and vegetables), Pipikaula (beef jerky) and the tasty Kalua Pork.

This salt makes for a stunning and eye-catching finishing salt to pale dishes. Try using to rim glasses for cocktails to create that WOW factor!

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1 review for Hawaiian Red Salt

  1. Kevin Senior (verified owner)

    Pleasently surprised, of course its salty; but for us the rather nice spicey notes made it all the more attractive to use. Added to the fact, you dont need a lot at all, makes it good value too

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