Seasoned Pioneers: ‘The Spice Aficionado’ Collection

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Inspiring selection for the seriously adventurous cook – 60 essential and exotic seasonings bringing authentic flavours of worldwide cuisine to your kitchen.
(Seasoned Pioneer Collections: carefully selected for real food lovers. Great gifts too!)

Pack Contains

Amchoor, Ground
Black Salt
Cardamom Black, Whole Pods
Cumin Seeds Black, Whole
Fenugreek Leaves
Nigella Seeds, Whole
Curry Leaves
Galangal, Cut
Thai Holy Basil
Shrimp Paste (Thai Kapee)
Cubeb Pepper, Whole
Kaffir Lime Leaves Freeze-Dried
Tamarind Paste
Laos (Galangal) Powder
Wasabi Powder
Grains of Paradise, Whole
Sumac Berries, Crushed
Epazote Leaves
File (Sassafras) Powder
Chipotle Chillies, Crushed
Ajowan Seeds, Whole
Zedoary Root, Cut
Long Pepper, Whole
Cassia Bark, Whole
Piri-Piri Chillies, Crushed
Cardamom Green, Whole Pods
Coriander Seeds, Whole
Cumin Seeds White, Whole
Fennel Seeds, Whole
Ginger Root, Ground
Turmeric Root, Ground
Garam Masala Indian
Fenugreek Seeds, Whole
Clove Buds 'Hand-Select', Whole
Cinnamon, Ground
Mint Leaves
Chinese Five Spice Blend
Nutmeg Kernels, Whole
Saffron Threads 'La Mancha'
Herbes de Provence (Lavender Herb Mix)
Oregano Leaves, Wild-Grown
Rosemary Leaves, Wild-Grown
White Peppercorns, Indonesian Muntok Whole
Mixed Peppercorns, Whole
Paprika, Hungarian
Vanilla Pods, Whole
Cayenne Chillies, Ground
Red Chillies, Crushed
Mustard Seeds Brown, Whole
Sage Leaves, Wild-Grown
Thyme Leaves, Wild-Grown
Allspice Berries, Whole
Mixed (Pudding) Spice
Asafoetida, Ground
Annatto Seeds, Whole
Habanero Chillies, Ground
Bay Leaves Wild-Grown, Whole
Oregano Mexican, Leaves


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