Dill Leaves

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Dill leaves, or dill weed, have a mild aniseed flavour with clean lemon notes. Native to Southern Europe, dill leaves are used aplenty and partnered with fish and dairy in stews, dumplings and sauces.

Dill leaves are used when making traditional Swedish Gravlax (smoked salmon), dill soup from Finland and even Borscht (beetroot soup). Mix with a little butter to make a herbal butter fit for potatoes, fish and root vegetables. Try sprinkling over Eggs Benedict or Eggs Royale for a burst of flavour!

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Ideally used in: Soups Stews

Excellent with: Fish Rice Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

1 review for Dill Leaves

  1. Ian B Pearson (verified owner)

    I recently discovered Seasoned Pioneers as a source of Dill Leaves. As always the quality is excellent. I regularly add a sprinkle to soup and this improves the flavour in a reliable subtle manner.

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