Garlic Powder Roasted

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Roasted garlic powder is hot, pungent and incredible versatile. The powder has been roasted to mellow the more aggressive flavour of its fresh counterpart. Garlic is used worldwide for spice blends and rubs or to flavour sauces, soups and meat patties.

Use roasted garlic powder in place of fresh garlic. Try in bolognese, ragu and ratatouille or mix with a little butter to make a garlic butter and enjoy spread over fish or potatoes. Sprinkle into cheese sauces used for cauliflower cheese, dauphinoise potatoes or welsh rarebit. Alternatively, add to homemade burgers, meatballs and even sausages!

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2 reviews for Garlic Powder Roasted

  1. roberturen83 (verified owner)

    Quite frankly the best garlic powder I’ve ever had, there’s nothing more to add!

  2. laura_w_taylor (verified owner)

    I’m never without this particular spice – it’s an essential one for the store cupboard!

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