Spice Competition Winners

Thank you to all who entered and after much deliberation, we can now announce the winners of our photo competition!

First prize of £50 to spend on Seasoned Pioneers products goes to Gordon Baxter……

Gordon wrote: ‘If only cameras could capture smells… spices as art at the Biennale (Venice 2013)’

Second prize of £30 to spend on Seasoned Pioneers products goes to Ali Bennett…….

Ali wrote: ‘This photo was taken on a very recent trip to Marrakech. Marrakech is packed with vendors and their colourful stalls known as the “medina”. Marrakech has the largest traditional Berber market in Morocco and the image of the city is closely associated with its “souks”. The souks are described as, “A honeycomb of intricately connected alleyways, this fundamental section of the old city is a micro-medina in itself, comprising a dizzying number of stalls and shops that range from itsy kiosks no bigger than an elf’s wardrobe to scruffy store-fronts that morph into glittering Aladdin’s caves once you’re inside”. The souks sell everything from brightly
coloured bejewelled sandals & slippers and leather pouffes to jewellery, lanterns and kaftans! Souk Ableuh, contains stalls which specialise in lemons, spices, chillies, olives, capers, pickles & mint, a common ingredient of Moroccan cuisine and tea. Whilst jostling with locals, tourists, motorbikes & donkeys in the very narrow alleyways of Souk Ableuh, this is where this photo was taken! 
Please enter this photograph into your competition and soak up the sights and smells of Marrakech!!’

Third prize of £20 to spend on Seasoned Pioneers products goes to Victoria Wren…….

Victoria wrote ‘My homemade spice ‘rack’… full of fantastic herbs and spices (and lousy handwriting!)’

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