Pasanda Spice Blend

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Gluten Free

Gluten free

Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

100% Natural

100% natural

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Hand packed in UK

Pasanda is a warm and peppery spiced curry powder. It is traditionally used to prepare the creamy, fruity curry of the same name. Often compared to Korma, Pasanda is a lot tangier in flavour. It is typically prepared with a spiced yoghurt base and toasted almonds. The combination of warm and aromatic spices along with a hint of sweetness adds depth and complexity to any dish.

The dish dates back to the Moghul Empires when they would prepare this dish for the Emperors. They used lamb or mutton steaks that were flattened, marinated and fried. The spices in the blend help to tenderise the meat, infusing it with flavour before cooking.

Nowadays, chicken is most commonly used but follow our recipe here for a more traditional recipe using lamb. Pasanda spice blend can also be used with alternative protein like paneer (Indian cottage cheese), or tofu, offering options for vegetarian and vegan preparations. This Pasanda spice blend can also be used creatively in fusion cooking, adding an Indian touch to dishes like stir-fries, roasted vegetables, or even dips and spreads.

Read more about Pasanda on our spice blog called What is Pasanda.

We also offer this product for sale in our attractive Spice Tin.



Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Pasanda Spice Blend

  1. Karen Stevens

    I cooked the best curry I have ever made with this Passanda blend. Sweet potato, pepper, courgette, green lentils, passata and coconut milk. Served with coconut rice and a sprinkling of coconut flakes on top. Absolutely beautiful, I didn’t want tea time to end. Can’t wait to have my next curry.

  2. Lisa

    Used in my Pork & Lentil Curry – Yum

  3. Gill Phillips (verified owner)

    I’m delighted to have found this. I have been using Hello Fresh boxes and was worried about replicating the taste when the ingredients called for a particular spice or herb mix so I can now make the recipes with confidence. The spices are good value and the customer service was excellent; thank you!

  4. Hugo Wheatley

    Was very nice – perfectly spiced coconut curry made with this.

  5. Heather

    Also found this while trying to recreate a hello fresh recipe. Added amazing flavour to my curry. Can’t wait to try the others I got. We’ll packaged and arrived in just a couple of days.

  6. David Rinaldi (verified owner)

    Like another reviewer, I bought this mix to re-create a Hello Fresh recipe for Mushroom Pasanda. It did the job brilliantly. I’m sceptical of ready-made spice mixes, but this has a really nice depth of flavour, and a gentle heat. I can’t wait to try more of their mixes. Also, bonus points from me for Seasoned Pioneers – for their tree-planting initiative with a great charity called Trees for Life, who plant “the right (native) trees, in the right places” in the Scottish Highlands! : )

  7. Lizzie

    Great find. Bought this to try to re-create a Hello Fresh recipe. Worked brilliantly and now looking forward to trying recipes from the Seasoned Pioneers website using the spice blend. The spice has heat to it but not overpowering.

  8. marilyn moore

    So pleased to find it they dont stock it anywhere its seems

  9. Heather

    Not easy to get this mix anywhere so was thrilled to find this site. The quality of the spices is exceptional. Have already purchased more from here.

  10. Yvonne

    My favourite, simply delicious. Service from seasoned pioneers it great, really quick delivery

  11. lpf16324 (verified owner)

    This spice blend is easy to use and just plain ‘yummy’. Makes Pasanda Curry a regular on our menu.
    For the record delivery was very quick and well packaged too.

  12. Anne L (verified owner)

    A favourite in our house.

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Gluten Free

Gluten free

Vegan & Vegetarian

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

100% Natural

100% natural

Packed in UK

Hand packed in UK

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