Green Policy

Seasoned Pioneers constantly strive to minimise our impact on the environment, in all the processes involved in creating our exceptional range of products.

We recycle on site whenever possible, but anything we can’t recycle we have removed by a contractor with the ability to recycle even further.

Our consumption of energy is kept to an absolute minimum, appliances and lights are switched off when not in use and nothing is left on standby.

All light bulbs have been chanced to low energy LED’s.

We use only recycled paper for all our office administration.

The production processes on site are managed on the basis of maximising the efficient use of energy.

Our products are transported using couriers that aim to be carbon neutral.

All our staff are trained to be environmentally aware on and off duty, with this in mind receptacles are provided for recycling in staff rest areas.

We continually monitor our environmental performance and are committed to improving our environmental impact however we can.