security and privacy policy

Seasoned Pioneers: Total Commitment To Your Privacy & Security

Privacy Statement & Data Protection

We are totally committed to protecting your privacy. Any personal information that we hold is held 100% securely and will not be revealed under any circumstances whatsoever to any third party.

We will only contact you if you have given us your consent and you have the opportunity to refuse at any time to receive e-mails from us in the future.

If you have any questions/comments about privacy, please do e-mail us.

Secure On-line Shopping

Shopping on-line with Seasoned Pioneers Ltd. is one of the most secure and safest methods of shopping possible (in fact, the risk of fraud when paying for a meal in a restaurant is 100 times greater than shopping on-line with us)

To make our payment area as secure as it can be, we have partnered with Sage Pay & PayPal, two of the web’s leading security and payment processing experts to ensure that our shopping area is secure: we use the industry benchmark SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.

When you place an order, all of your personal information (including credit card number, name and address) is totally encrypted – this means that all the characters you type are totally scrambled together as they travel over the Internet making it impossible for any third party to intercept your personal information.


For more information on privacy & security, please see our full terms & conditions