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Whether it is a traditional steamed pudding, a German Stollen, a classic Victoria sponge, a crusty loaf or naan bread, the satisfaction of being involved in the baking process itself is only second to the rewarding 'oohs' and 'aahs' of those on the receiving end! It must be one of the few occasions in life when we are pleased (ecstatic?) to see our creations, with all the effort that implies, literally disappear!

A wide variety of spices are an integral part of baking. They hold nothing to fear having been tried and tested all over the world for centuries. One of the joys of baking, in which spices can be fundamentally important, is the possibility of being creative with flavour and texture. Professional or amateur, bakers have the opportunity to experiment and produce something interesting, different and yummy!

There are obvious bakes that scream for specific spices such as carrot cake, ginger parkin, oatmeal and raisin cookies and, of course, the legendary Christmas cake. However, the most ordinary baked fare can benefit from, indeed be transformed by, a dash of cinnamon, a sprinkle of nutmeg or a dusting of chilli.  The imaginative possibilities are endless for those cakes and biscuits that have probably become a tad 'samey'. You could even come up with an entirely new recipe?!

However, do not fall into the trap of thinking that spices are only for sweet bakes. Savoury items can be just as receptive to a flavour boost. They can, for example, be partial to a scattering of nigella seeds or garnished with a shake of sesame seeds. Consider plain or cheese scones, quiches of all persuasions, cheese straws and sausage rolls, batters such as Scotch pancakes, waffles and potato pancakes, also pizzas and savoury popovers. What could give them a whole new makeover?

Last, but never least, how about the nation's favourite - bread and all manner of yeast-based temptations? What could be more magical than kneading seed mixes through the dough? The twinkling addition of sharp barberry or the striking speckle of cracked black pepper can really take a loaf to a whole new level! Don't forget those special loaves of bread and flatbreads too. So many opportunities for the imagination to run riot. A word of warning, however. Do not be too heavy-handed in the first instance! (A little can go a long way...)

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