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Spices have been an integral part of human life for literally thousands of years. They have been used for many purposes such as preservatives, for medicinal purposes, in religious rites, as perfume, in cosmetics, as colourings and of course for their flavouring of food.

The spice trade is one of the oldest world trades and often one of the most expensive due to demand and the great distances involved in their distribution. Early on, historical civilizations traded their spices along overland routes, later maritime routes allowed for these sought after commodities to travel even further. We can consider ourselves fortunate that we can now simply buy spices online and have them delivered directly to our kitchens!

Spices are produced in virtually every continent in varying climatic conditions.
They are of vegetable origin, being the dried roots, bark, buds, berries, fruits and seeds of plants. (The leaves of these plants are referred to as herbs). Compounds within the spices are known as volatile oils and are responsible for the distinctive flavours and aromas that distinguish individual worldwide cuisines. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to buy spices from the major and the lesser-known cuisines, with a range that far exceeds the usual availability of spices online.

The production of spices is highly significant in the agricultural economies of numerous nations, for domestic use and international export. Such a country is India, the largest exporter of spices; namely in cardamom, peppercorns, ginger, turmeric, chillies, cumin, coriander and other seeds. In addition to whole spices, essential oils and oleoresins from the spices are also traded, mainly for use in food manufacturing.

Adventurous cooks will find our website as diverse, vibrant and fascinating as an exotic overseas spice bazaar. The difference is that you can buy wholly authentic spices online from the comfort of your home, to be delivered to your door. Intrepid travellers may miss the colourful, noisy hustle and bustle of an ethnic market, but this is the next best option when you are craving the foods that evoke memories of your travels.

You may want to cook Vietnamese street food, a Middle Eastern mezze, an African one-pot or a Caribbean spiced feast… Wherever in the culinary world you wish to travel, we are confident that the flavours and aromas that are unleashed on opening a pouch of Seasoned Pioneers spices will take you there!

Certain spices have always been associated with having benefits to health and research into these claims continues to this day. One example of this is turmeric, believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, be a powerful anti-oxidant and to assist in the combat of certain diseases.

Furthermore, spices have few calories and elevate the flavours of food to new heights. Remember that by buying from us, you are choosing the highest quality pure spices available, which will be fresh, pungent and free from additives. Thanks to this, when using them, you will find that a little will go a very long way. We hope you enjoy them!

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