The People


Meet the Managing Director of Seasoned Pioneers! Matt started working with the company in its infancy, helping it grow from a small start-up to an established foodies’ brand. In 2011, Matt took full ownership of the business and has since developed new concepts including Spice Pioneer meal kits and the Power Pod. He is a stickler for excellent customer service and quality and likes to think nothing slips past him! In his spare time Matt loves adventure sports. For three years on the bounce he won the River Mersey Swim Champion title but has since retired to give other people a chance!


Meet the born and bred scouser and all-round nice guy! Wherever Dave goes there is always a cloud of turmeric and cinnamon following! The old guy has been here since the start… can you believe that’s 20 years? To call him a master spice blender would be an understatement – he holds all the secrets that make our blends so wonderful. He weighs out the products and roasts, mixes and grinds everything by hand!


Kasha comes from Poland and enjoys keeping us all in check! She educates us on Polish culture and cuisine, especially at Christmas when she brings in pickled fish – yum! Kasha spends her time picking and packing all website and trade orders. She also hand-packs the products into our famous foil pouches. In one day she can pack over 2000 products!


Our culinary prodigy and office barista! Tim originally joined the Seasoned Pioneers family to test our exciting new recipes. Now Tim is the office chameleon – adapting to all tasks and challenges thrown his way. He takes trade orders, manages all social media accounts and uses his creative mind to evolve and develop new and old areas of the website. Being the font of all spice knowledge, Tim is our first port of call if we have a question about cooking!


Ruth is the newest member of the team, joining us after travelling the world for a year! Ruth spent some of her time at university in Amsterdam, where she learnt all about linguistics. When she isn’t doing daily admin or helping with important certifications and specifications, Ruth puts her eloquent writing style to good use. She develops text for the website, writes blog posts and assists with website development.