About us

The Aim

Seasoned Pioneers’ main aim is to help adventurous souls achieve culinary inspiration. We do this by providing premium spices, chillies, herbs and specialist seasonings. We ensure these ingredients have bold, intense flavour so you get more bang for your buck!

We also use these ingredients to create 100+ gluten-free spice mixes such as Ras-el-Hanout, Poudre de Colombo and Sri Lankan Curry Powder to name a few! These spice mixes are blended, roasted and packaged by hand, in small batches, to guarantee a first-class quality that surpasses anything else on the market. 

The Company

We are a small team of six, aka the Super Spicy Six! Our humble headquarters are located on the paradise peninsula known as The Wirral, where we make all 300+ products.

The story began in 1999, practically the Stone Age 😉. Mark Steene founded the company after an interest in seasonings was sparked while travelling worldwide:

“During my travels I enjoyed a multitude of local cuisine. On my return I was astonished that I could not recreate these dishes using the seasonings and blends on offer in the UK. I made it my goal to inspire others by offering premium, authentic products.”

Thanks to Mark and close friend Matt, Seasoned Pioneers gained international recognition over subsequent years. Influential food writers have recognised us as leading experts in the culinary industry. For example, Delia Smith, Rick Stein and Nigella Lawson have mentioned us organically in their cookbooks and articles (not that we are trying to brag!).

In 2011 Matt luckily had the opportunity to take the reins of the beast! He completed a management buyout and is now sole owner of the company.

The Seasonings

Seasonings are vital to capture the essence of each world cuisine. Whether you are a curry enthusiast, artisan baker or chilli connoisseur we have a fiesta of flavours perfect for you! With a choice of over 300 conventional and organic herbs and spices, we are confident that they will become staples in your kitchen.

Over many, many, MANY years, Seasoned Pioneers has worked tirelessly to create 100+ spice mixes. Each authentic worldwide blend, such as Fajita, Harissa and Peri-Peri is created by hand in small batches without fillers, preservatives, additives or refined sugar. This makes them suitable for vegans, vegetarians, fussy children, fitness fanatics…the list is endless!

The Secret

What is the secret you ask? Spice mixes can contain poor quality ingredients. We only use premium ingredients with high volatile oil content to make our spice mixes (not the sweepings off the floor!). This is unusual and costs more but delivers a much better end product. As the old adage states “what you put in - you get out”.

We also pack all products in foil pouches to protect the contents from harmful UV rays and preserve their freshness! 

Our cooking sauces and spice mixes contain up to 15 herbs and spices for ultimate gourmet convenience. Our small foil pouches are therefore packed full of flavour ready to transform your meals!