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Consider Seasoned Pioneers to be a one-stop shop when you want to buy peppercorns, as we offer a dazzling selection of peppercorn varieties from the Piperaceae family. They are the most traded spice in the world and we are proud to join in as pepper purveyors!

Some, such as Grains of Paradise, Sichuan Pepper, Pink Peppercorns and Allspice resemble peppercorns but in fact are not as they are the berries of unrelated plants. However, we have included them as Peppercorns so that they can easily be found when you are searching for pepper online.

We hope that the following descriptions of the different peppers that we supply will assist you in your selection when you wish to buy peppercorns online:

Black peppercorns

Lampong – Small yet pungent, from Sumatra with a fruity and smoky flavour, popular for use in grinders.
Vietnamese – Vibrant and aromatic medium to large size. Hot and spicy due to their high piperine content.
Tellicherry – The finest from the Indian Malabar coast with a deep rich fruity flavour and mild pungency. A popular choice of those who regularly buy pepper.
Wynad – Vine ripened and hand harvested in Kerala, India. These have a full flavour with a warming heat.
Cubeb – Dried with their stalks attached, also known as tailed or Java pepper. Hot and pungent with a peppery allspice flavour, enjoyed since the middle ages due to their perceived health benefits and antiseptic qualities.
Long Pepper – Lovely hot, sweet and peppery flavour with hints of nutmeg and cardamom. With an attractive catkin shape, they are used whole or ground.
Cracked black – Coarsely crushed ready to be conveniently added to any dish where a good depth of peppery flavour is required.
Ground black – The easy way to buy pepper - They have been ground for you, perfect to use in a cruet set or keep next to your stove.

White Peppercorns

Indonesian Muntok whole white - Seeds of black peppercorns with the black outer casings removed. They are hot, peppery and quite pungent. Mainly used for their light colour in pale dishes such as white sauces.
Indonesian Muntok ground white – Conveniently ground ready for use in dishes where a light colour is preferred such as sauces, soups, stocks, savoury flans, fondues etc.

All the others

Green – Picked when immature before they are fully ripened. They have a mild fresh and fruity flavour, perfect with meats or in sauces.
Pink – Not actually true peppercorns, but spicy, sweet and fruity pink coloured berries that enhance numerous dishes and look great in a mixed pepper grinder.
Grains of Paradise – Aromatic African seeds with complex flavours of spice and citrus, these have rightly earned a place in kitchens around the world, great with everything.
Sichuan / Szechuan / Fagara pepper – Berries of an Ash tree native to China, their fragrance and sweet lemony flavour are essential elements in Sichuan cuisine and Chinese Five Spice.
Allspice Berries – Tiny fruits from the Caribbean with intricate spice flavours. Widely used in sweet and savoury cooking including cakes, pickles, marinades, puddings and seasonings.


Mixed peppercorns – Colourful and flavourful mix of black, white, green and pink with Allspice berries. A versatile seasoning that looks fabulous in a peppermill.
Exotic mixed peppercorns – One for the connoisseur! Our mix of eight different peppers giving warm and fruity flavours to the very best of spice mills.
Lemon pepper mix – a heady mix of citrus, herbs, garlic and pepper, which has tremendous versatility as a seasoning.


Gourmet Peppercorns Gift Selection – When you want to buy peppercorns as a gift for a pepper enthusiast, our selection of Pink, Grains of Paradise, Sichuan, Tellicherry black and Exotic Mixed, presented in a gift box is, in our opinion, the perfect present.
Further information can be seen in our ‘Knowledge’ section, Passionate about Peppercorns!