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The good news keeps on coming here at Seasoned Pioneers. After six of our products won at the Great Taste Awards 2020 (one of the highest awards in the food industry), we’ve gone ahead and revamped our food gifts selection for you. We understand that with so much choice out there, finding the best food gifts for foodies and your loved ones can be daunting!

However, we’ve got you covered here at Seasoned Pioneers. Whether it’s a food gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a wedding, an anniversary, Father’s Day, Mothers’s Day or a birthday, you’ll find great food gifts for men and women alike. Hand made by our team of in-house experts here at Seasoned Pioneers, there’s something for every level skill set here. So, whether you know an aspiring home cook or an accomplished chef, have a browse of our selection and see what you can find.

Here at Seasoned Pioneers, we source only the world’s finest herbs and spices. We strive to achieve the very best quality because we know that high quality means better taste. That’s why you’ll only find premium ingredients in our spice mixes. To maintain these standards, the spice mixes found in all of our spice gift sets are roasted and blended by hand here at our headquarters on the Wirral.

Sounds good? Below, we’ve put together a few ideas for the very best foodie gifts for different events throughout the year. And, just to make the deal that much tastier, we’re offering free shipping on orders over £30!

Also, don’t panic! If you’re looking for a last minute spice present because that special date just suddenly crept up on you, we aim to dispatch all orders very quickly, typically within 24 hours if we have the stock (Monday to Friday). All our UK orders are sent via Royal Mail or courier.

Birthday Food Gifts

Birthdays can be a difficult one. When you’ve been buying birthday food gifts for your foodie loved ones year in, year out, sometimes you reach the point where you run out of ideas! But we can guarantee that they’ve never had something as good as these foodie gifts.

Birthdays are the chance to really tailor something unique to the individual in mind. So, have a think about what they’re interested in? What are their passions?

If you have a keen traveller on your hands, check out the Adventurous Worldwide Gift Selection. Travelling has been difficult over the past year so you can make someone’s day with this one by sending them off on a globe-trotting adventure through the Middle East, Africa, USA and Mexico. Inside, you’ll find Ras-el-Hanout, Zahtar, Berbere, Cajun Spice Blend and Ground Pasilla Chillies. Who knew our foodie gifts came with so many air miles?

Dad’s birthday? It could be the perfect time to pick up the summer BBQ rubs collection. This one was designed for those who adore standing out in the garden for hours – chilled beer in hand, spatula in the other, stoking the coals and flames. Any BBQ king (or queen) worth their seasoning will be delighted with no fewer than 10 of our best BBQ rubs, including Cajun Blackening, Mexican Adobo Rub and Caribbean Jerk Rub. We can hear the kebabs sizzling away already.

Lastly, how about ten of our best, hand-picked by one of the nation’s favourite chefs? Everyone loves Delia Smith and we think this particular item in our foodie gifts pantry makes for a great birthday present, especially when you pair it with the accompanying cookbook ‘How To Cheat At Cooking’. All ten of the spices feature in the cookbook’s recipe, including Tandoori Masala, Indonesian Seven Seas and Ras-el-Hanout.

Wedding Food Gifts

Weddings can be a tricky one to buy for. However, what if you tie it to their honeymoon destination? The great thing about our foodie gifts is that they’re food gifts for men and food gifts for women – they’re something that the newlyweds can both enjoy together!

No matter where the lovebirds are jetting off to, you can’t go wrong with the Exotic Worldwide Food Gift Selection. You’ll find the flavours of Morocco, The Caribbean, New Orleans, Mexico and The Middle East all packed into this one.

Looking for something a bit more specific? Home in on specific areas of the world with the Mediterranean collection, the Asian Spices gift selection, the American collection and plenty more. Remember, all of these gift sets come with a recipe and usage ideas on the website which means hours of fun in the kitchen. Your special wedding gift can both excite them before they jet off and keep them reminiscing about an unforgettable trip long after they’ve returned home. Looking to spend a little more on a wedding food gift? If so, take a look at our spice collections from our Essential Store Cupboard Seasoning Collection to The Ultimate Spice Aficionado Collection. View al spice collections here.

Essential Store Cupboard Collection

Mother’s Day Foodie Gifts

The annual gathering together of families, often sharing a special meal and involving the giving of Mother’s Day foodie gifts, is a tradition that has been sustained for many years in numerous countries around the world.

This event has played a positive role in reaffirming and appreciating the importance of parental commitment. We reconnect to celebrate the fundamental nurturing that is so important in our society.

Mothers have been honoured over the centuries. Since the Middle Ages ‘ Mothering Sunday’ has had religious connotations – ‘Mother Church’ being a familiar expression and ‘Mothering Sunday’ an annual day of celebration. ‘Mother’s Day’ evolved with a more secular reference to the caring part played by all mothers but is still officially, in the UK, the fourth Sunday in Lent. Based on the lunar calendar the date changes each year.

In the US Mother’s Day was introduced as a non-religious day of remembering the contribution made by mothers towards the enrichment and stability of family life. Celebrated on the second Sunday in May, it was introduced by Anna Jarvis in 1907 in appreciation of her own mother’s dedicated caring. In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson confirmed it as a national holiday.

Although Anna Jarvis fought the inevitable commercialisation of Mother’s Day, buying Mother’s Day foodie gifts has played a positive part in reaffirming the importance of family and family relationships.

As an interesting alternative to the usual floral or chocolate gifts on Mother’s Day – why not introduce Mum (or even Grandma!) to some unfamiliar spices and spice blends with our foodie gifts for Mothers Day? Bring a little adventure into the hum drum norm of everyday cooking with our exciting gift boxes! Choose from a wide array of sensational flavours from around the world. Our unique spice blends can reignite inspiration in the kitchen!

Consider our Gift Pack of Ten Spices from Delia’s ‘How to cheat at cooking’ or Rick Stein’s ‘India’ Spice Selection Gift Pack. Look at our America’s Gift Selection or the Exotic Worldwide Gift Selection.

If cooking is not the way to Mum’s heart, what about the Gin and Tonic Garnish Box or the Herbal Foot Spa Ingredients Collection as a Mother’s Day Foodie Gift for just chilling out?! There is something for each and everyone of those dedicated, hardworking ladies!

Father’s Day Foodie Gifts

Look no further for Fathers’s Day foodie gifts! In both the UK and the US Father’s Day is the third Sunday in June and was originally celebrated around 1909 in the US by Sonora Dodd of Washington. She wished to honour her father and the role he played in bringing up six children on his own. This day became officially recognised by President Nixon in 1972 – it has to be said after some resistance to the idea!

In the same way as Mother’s Day was eventually seen as a business opportunity, so Father’s Day foodie gifts have gathered momentum as a commercial enterprise. That said, public acknowledgement of the great contribution made by fathers to the general wellbeing of their progeny cannot be underestimated.

With Father’s Day just around the corner (Sunday, 20th June) encourage Dad’s competitive side in the BBQ stakes with our sensational Summer BBQ Rubs Collection.

Revitalise his culinary skills by treating him to one of our many outstanding Father’s Day foodie gifts. Boost his curry and chilli offerings when the British weather means hunkering down indoors. 

Our comprehensive spice range of Father’s Day foodie gifts includes exotic flavours from around the globe will bring out his creative side and allow him to reign supreme in the kitchen. Expand Dad’s gastronomic horizons and award him his own ‘Michelin’ star(s?!).

With a myriad of choices, our Father’s Day foodie gift boxes are designed to inspire adventurous cooking with superb, world class authentic seasonings. Alternatively – for those rare, indulgent moments of relaxation – treat him to our Gin and Tonic Garnish Box…

Valentine’s Day Food Gifts

Valentine’s Day is the chance to show how much your other half means to you by buying them one of our many Valentine’s Day food gifts. Whoever you’re shopping for, we’ve got you covered with the best food gifts for men and the best food gifts for women. This special day is also the chance to connect, bond and spend some real quality time together. What better way to do that than in the kitchen over a bottle of wine?

Or…gin? Our Gin and tonic garnish box makes for the perfect night in. Containing a selection of our hand-blended spices and botanical ingredients, have some fun in experimenting with your G&T or get creative with new cocktail ideas. You’ll find Rose Petals (perfect), Lavender Flowers, Green Cardamom Pods, Pink Peppercorns, Juniper Berries, Start Anise, Saffron Threads and Rosemary

Whilst you’re at it, why not spice things up a bit with our Hot ‘n’ Fiery gift selection? Featuring De Arbol Chillies, Berbere, Poudre De Colombo, Cardamom Masala and Cajun Spice Blend, you’ve got the perfect blend of mild, medium and hot. Did you know that chillies are an aphrodisiac? Chili peppers contain the chemical capsaicin which generates the heat you feel when you eat them. So, the hotter the chili, the more capsaicin there is. It’s a chemical that’s been proven to boost testosterone levels and increase libido.

Christmas Food Gifts

Last but not least, how could we forget Christmas food gifts? This is the season to be merry and jolly with loved ones and what better way to do so than with a drink or two? We have just the thing in mind for you.

Check out this perfect stocking filler – the Traditional Mulled Wine Spice Drawstring Bag. Inside, you’ll find 4 spice balls that you simply add to a simmering pan filled with your best red wine. Easy! We think the drawstring bag also looks great as a Christmas tree decoration.

If that’s not enough to satisfy the large gathering of friends and family, check out our Mulling Gift Collection. Whether you’re at a work party or catching up with friends, this can make for a really fun evening. Inside, you’ll find Mulled Wine, Mulled Cider, Hot Toddy, Caribbean Sorrel Rum and Café Brulot – all ready for you to experiment with!

Foodie Gifts to say ‘Thank you’

There are so many occasions when an unusual, imaginative foodie gift will prove most acceptable. Not the least of these is when we like to say ‘thank you’. How often have we wanted or needed to thank someone for ‘going that extra mile’ to help out in a crisis or just for caring enough to lend a listening ear? Thinking ‘outside the box’ could mean an attractive, gift wrapped selection of spices within a box?! With a bit of imagination it is possible to demonstrate gratitude for the thoughtfulness and support of family members, friends or neighbours in an innovative way. An original and practical ‘foodie’ gift may go a long way in showing how much the ‘helping hand’ you received was valued.

There are numerous options in the Seasoned Pioneers range of quality spice gift boxes. Well thought out to appeal to experienced and novice cooks alike, they can reinforce the joy of cooking by expanding culinary horizons. From the Adventurous Worldwide Gift Selection and the Asian Gift Selection to the Hot ‘N’ Fiery Gift Selection and the Mediterranean Gift Selection, there is something for everyone from around the globe.

With over twenty different spice gift sets to choose from plus the luxurious Gin and Tonic Garnish Box and the Herbal Foot Spa Ingredients Collection (for the more laid back approach!) – we do not make your decisions easy!!

Don’t forget

So, that’s a few of our best food gifts available for you throughout the year. If you didn’t quite find what you were looking for, be free to check out the full selection here. Whether it’s food gifts for women or food gifts for men, you’ll find something appropriate and worthwhile that your loved ones truly appreciate. Happy eating!

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