7 Best eco-friendly kitchen products

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When it comes to making your home more environmentally friendly, the kitchen is a great place to start. Whether it’s food prep, cooking, cleaning up or enjoying a drink on the go, the products you use can have a big impact on the environment. The best way to start is by using eco-friendly products which you can use time and again, reducing your kitchen waste. Below, we’ve selected some of the best sustainable kitchen products to invest in, all of which are UK based.

Ecoegg reusable bamboo towels

After the success of their chemical-free Laundry Egg, Ecoegg has added reusable bamboo towels to their collection of eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products. A sustainable replacement for kitchen roll, these reusable towels are made from 90% bamboo fibres and 10% PLA from corn starch. Bamboo is a naturally strong and absorbent substance, making it the perfect material for spills, messes, dusting and drying. Each sheet can be reused up to 85 times and popped into the washing machine when they need a clean.

Find them on the Ecoegg website.

Onya produce bags

When it comes to buying fruit and veg, these produce bags from Onya are a useful alternative to using single-use plastic bags. These reusable bags are made from recycled plastic bottles, and although they only weigh 10g each, each one can hold up to 2kg of produce. Unlike plastic bags which make produce ‘sweat’ and shorten their use by date, the mesh in these Onya bags allows your fruit and veg to ‘breathe’. They also let water and air flow through, so you can wash your produce and hang the bags to dry. The bags come in a coloured pouch which the bags will shrink into when not in use.

Find them on the Onya website.

Beeswax Wraps

If you’re looking for an alternative to cling film, The Beeswax Wrap Co has a great solution: beeswax wraps. Handmade in the Cotswolds, these wraps are made using consciously sourced materials including locally sourced British beeswax. If you’re vegan, they even have a range of plant-based and vegan friendly wax wraps. Like cling film, they’re self sealing, so using the heat of your hands you can mould them around any fruit, veg or bread you want to keep. The wraps even come in beautiful prints, so your food can feel good and look good. The wraps are reusable for up to a year, and can even be rewaxed to last even longer.

Find them on The Beeswax Wrap Co website.

Ecovibe compostable sponges

Ecovibe is a Leeds based company which partners with 53 small UK businesses to bring together the best eco-friendly products. From cleaning products and homeware, to beauty and skin care, it’s a one-stop shop for making your home greener. They have a great range of washing up products, including compostable and biodegradable sponges and scourers. Made from natural material like plant cellulose and coconut husks, they’re naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. They’re also long-lasting, making them an excellent alternative to plastic sponges.

Find them on the Ecovibe website.

Smidge Dice chopping board

Here’s a natural and sustainable chopping board to add to your collection. This one is from Smidge, an eco-friendly kitchenware company based in Bristol. The board is made from recycled, sustainably sourced salvaged paper which is actually better for your knives than plastic boards. The draining groove keeps your worktops clean, and when it comes to cleaning the board, simply pop it in the dishwasher. Smidge has a collection of sustainable chopping boards with different designs and sizes.

Find it on the Smidge website.

Prestige eco non-stick stir fry wok

Looking for a new wok? This non-stick wok from Prestige is a great choice. Not only is it made from recycled aluminium, but it’s plant based cooking surface is PFOA free, palm oil free and scratch proof. The soft-grip handle is comfortable and stays cool, and the steel induction base means that heat is distributed evenly. If you’re looking for something else, Prestige has a whole range of eco-friendly cookware, from frying pans to pots and saucepans. All their packaging is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable. They’ve also partnered up with Tree Aid, so with every product sold from the eco range, Prestige will plant a tree as part of the Great Green Wall Project in Africa.

Find it on the Prestige website.

Ecoffee Cup reusable coffee cups

Guilty of stopping for a coffee before work each morning? The average lifespan of a single-use coffee cup is less than 10 minutes, and because they contain plastic, less than 1% of them will be recycled. It’s time to ditch single-use cups altogether, and invest in a reusable coffee cup that’s kinder to the environment. These cups from Ecoffee Cup are made from natural fibre, cornstarch and resin, and are BPA, BPS and phthalate-free. They also have a resealable no-drip lid making it perfect for on the go. The cups come in a wide range of sizes and designs, whether you prefer bright colours, classic prints or contemporary patterns.

Find them on the Ecoffee Cup website.

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