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Ground Pepper Powder

Ground pepper is the ultimate and effortless way to season your food. By grinding whole peppercorns into a pepper powder, the spiciness of the piperine can be fully appreciated. The worlds most traded spice and used for millennia, no legitimate kitchen or table can function without such a requisite element of the culinary world.

Peppercorns are the fruits of the flowering vines of the Piperacae family, native to South and Southeast Asia. They are harvested at various stages of ripeness and then dried for use as a spice and seasoning.

Black peppercorns are the result of being picked whilst unripe and still green prior to the drying process during which their colour changes to black. Although mainly traded internationally as whole peppercorns, they are commonly crushed and sold as ground pepper. White peppercorns have been left on the vine until fully ripe, then soaked to remove their outer layer revealing the seed within, which is then dried. White peppercorns are popular in their whole format but are usually ground and used as white pepper powder.

In addition to our extensive range of whole black peppercorns, we also offer them as ground pepper. Warm, spicy and complex, black pepper powder imparts a great strength of flavour and gives complete versatility when used as a table condiment or as an ingredient in cooking.

The superior Indonesian Muntok pepper is our chosen white peppercorn as it offers an intense pungent, spicy and peppery flavour. As a ground pepper, this is the preferred choice when pepper is required to be less visible in a dish. Consequently white pepper powder is usually used to season white sauces, potato dishes and other lightly coloured recipes. It is also popular in Asia where it is frequently offered as a condiment to use in rice soups and noodle dishes.