A call for your support of the Air Ambulance – But why I hear you ask?


As some of you older “Pioneers” may know – Mark Steene founded Seasoned Pioneers back in the 1990’s from his flat in Toxteth, Liverpool. He handed the reins to me in 2011 but was still involved until 2015.

In June 2015 Mark was training to complete the Tour de France route for charity (learn more here).

We had never seen Mark stronger and fitter – fully prepared for the hardships of the full tour, 21 days riding over 3344km of flat and very mountainous terrain.

Sadly, one week prior to the start, Mark fell off his bike at low speed during a training ride in North Wales. As a result of his accident he sustained life changing damage to his spinal cord and will never have the use of his arms or legs again. His accident has left him quadriplegic.

5 years on Mark says he has “unfinished” business! He has set himself the goal of raising further funds for the service that saved his life that day – The Welsh Air Ambulance.

In his chin operated wheelchair Mark starts his own Tour tomorrow 4th July, hoping to complete 100 miles over 23 days (2 rest days as the Tour de France).

If you would like to learn more about Mark and would like to support him in his fundraising efforts please follow these links:

Donate to the Welsh Air Ambulance

Over the coming months we hope to help Mark reach his long-term goal of raising £100k for this great cause.

Many thanks for reading

Best wishes

Matt Webster

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