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Thai Herbs and Spices

An incredibly delicate balancing act of the subtle and explosive, the Thai cook skillfully creates bold yet simple flavours with a totally distinctive style.

Mastering the culinary art of Thailand depends not on the number of ingredients used but in exploiting the flavour of each to the full.

Thai people eat small amounts frequently and food is an integral part of society, religion and everyday life. Indeed, when greeting another person, rather than ask how are you, it is customary to ask have you eaten yet?

Often described as an open-air kitchen, the most familiar sights in Thailand are the numerous outdoor vendors of freshly cooked street food visible everywhere in villages, cities, ports, temples and even in the most rural regions. The enticing fragrance of Thai ingredients, Thai herbs and spices and jasmine rice being prepared is inescapable.

Thailand is blessed with a bountiful supply of fresh ingredients, due to the diverse inland terrain, endless coastline, climate and a largely traditional way of life. Thai spices and herbs are purchased daily at market along with the other Thai ingredients that give the cuisine the unique flavours that set it apart from any other worldwide cuisine.

Outside of Thailand, every cook is keen to create Thai cuisine using authentic Thai spices and Thai ingredients, thus ensuring results just as delicious as those found in Thailand itself! Fortunately, the staple Thai herbs and spices most commonly used are readily available from Seasoned Pioneers.

Essential Thai ingredients include Galangal, Lemongrass, Thai Holy Basil, Kaffir Lime leaves, Birdseye chillies, Shrimp paste and Tamarind paste. These feature heavily in most Thai dishes, alongside other Thai ingredients such as fish sauce and coconut milk. For time-pressured cooks, we have also created a Thai seasoning blend encapsulating all the Thai herbs and spices required to authentically flavour a curry, soup or stir-fry.

A traditional Thai meal will consist of several dishes incorporating soups, curries, stir-fries, spicy salads, fried or steamed fish and rice. Food is presented centrally, intended for sharing and diners will take a spoonful of one particular dish with rice and eat it before taking a spoonful of the next dish. Eating is a leisurely, communal and fun pastime and Thai people justifiably take considerable pride in their cuisine.
We hope you can achieve equally enjoyable meals with our extensive range of Thai spices and herbs! For further inspiration, check out our selection of delicious Thai recipes.

Do contact us if you would like any further information about buying Thai herbs and spices online and we will do our utmost to assist you.