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Gourmet Cooking Sauces

We are delighted to bring you our gourmet selection of authentic worldwide cooking sauces.

Each sauce is carefully prepared to a strictly genuine recipe using the very finest ingredients with their essential flavour being imparted by our authentic spices and dry-roasted spice blends.

Gourmet Cooking Sauces

Our range of ten gourmet cooking sauces represent an exciting variety of international cuisines and tend to be lesser known dishes, not seen in the regular choices offered elsewhere in the marketplace.

They offer you the chance to travel the gastronomic world in the comfort of your own home by easily preparing exotic dishes with the minimum of effort, as we have done most of the work for you!

The gourmet cooking sauces simply require the addition of a main ingredient of your choice, such as chicken, prawns, beef, sausage, vegetables etc. Furthermore, each cooking sauce has a straightforward recipe on the back that just requires you to stir-fry your choice of ingredient until it is cooked, then add the sauce and heat through. Serve with accompaniments such as rice, couscous, noodles, breads or vegetables.

Eight of the ten gourmet cooking sauces are gluten-free and are therefore suitable for people with symptoms of Coeliac Disease. This widens the opportunity for gluten-intolerant people to enjoy a wide-ranging and exciting menu of international dishes. The two gourmet cooking sauces that do contain gluten, in the form of Soy sauce, are the Chinese Sichuan Plum & Mandarin sauce and the Vietnamese Kho sauce.

Additionally seven of the ten gourmet cooking sauces are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The addition of fish sauce, the traditional Southeast Asian highly flavoured seasoning, means that the Vietnamese Kho, Indonesian Rendang and Thai Panang sauces are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

For people that follow a dairy-free diet, eight of the sauces are dairy-free with the exception of the creamy Indonesian Rendang and Thai Penang sauces.

These gourmet cooking sauces offer the scope to prepare satisfying and authentic meals with the tastes of far-flung places. You can use the sauces to create a simmering pan of Jambalaya laden with prawns, rice & chorizo or a time-honoured Moroccan lamb tagine with fennel and apricots served with oven roasted vegetable couscous. Consider serving a Spanish Pimenton meatball and potato Bravas or a Mexican Manchamantel stew, literally translating to ‘tablecloth stainer’, a fruity medley to which you add turkey, chorizo & pork. Quite simply, when using our gourmet cooking sauces, the limit is only the chef’s imagination!

The sauces are made with our own spices and dry roasted hand-blended spice mixes. Each pouch serves 3 to 4 people, they do not need refrigeration until they are opened and any leftovers freeze fantastically. With a long shelf-life, they are perfect to have in a kitchen cupboard for use as a stand-by or a treat.