FAQ – Buying – Shopping Cart

How do I view what is in my shopping cart?

Simply hover over the shopping cart icon on the right hand side of the Header to make sure that you haven’t missed anything!

Can I see how much I am spending?

Yes. The sub-total of your selected items is shown below the item list. This is just a sub-total as there may be postage & packing to be added to the price – see postage & packing information.

What will happen if I add something to it?

The item that you choose will now be in your cart. You may check the contents of your cart by clicking View Cart as you hover over the cart icon. Remember you are not committed to buying the item yet, you may still remove it from your basket.

Can I add more items?

Certainly. Just continue browsing and click the Add to Cart button next to any item that you want to add. To increase the quantity of a particular item, just enter the number you require in Quantity and click the Update Cart button.

Can I choose things to buy at a later date?

Yes. Instead of clicking Add to Cart you can click Add to Wishlist which will then allow you to create as many lists as you wish and give them names, such as Christmas Spices, BBQ Spices, Herbs for Stuffings, whatever you like!

Can I delete items?

Absolutely. Click the View Cart link. Find the item you want to remove. Click the red X to the left of the item. The unwanted item has now been removed and you will be offered the option to undo the removal.

Can I empty the basket?

You may empty the entire cart at any time by clicking the red X to the left of the products in your cart or by changing the Quantity to zero and then clicking the Update Cart button. You will see that your cart is now empty.