FAQ – Exploring – Gourmet Recipe Search

How do I use the recipe search?

The Gourmet Recipe Search gives you several ways to discover new recipes based upon your likes and dislikes.

Option 1 You can hover over RECIPES in the Header (the black area at the top of the page) to see drop down lists that you can then click on.

From these drop down lists you can choose the type of dish eg. starter or main course : what they are for use with eg. fish or meat or vegetables : dietary eg. vegetarian or low fat : heat rating eg. mild or spicy : region eg. Indian or Moroccan

Option 2You can click on RECIPES in the Header, which will take you to Find a Recipe

Choose as many or as few criteria as you like from the options under  Meal Type / Cuisine / Product / Containing / Heat Rating / Dietary

Then click the Find Recipe button and a list of recipes that most closely match your criteria will be displayed.

Option 3Alternatively, if you’d like to browse through all the recipes on the site – a bit like looking through a cookery book – then don’t tick any criteria, just click the Find Recipe button and then you can scroll through them all!

More FAQs:

If I’ve bought a particular product that I’d like to use in a recipe, how can I find recipes that contain it?

Use Option 2 as described above to get to Find a Recipe. Once there you can click on Product for a drop down list of all our products. Click on the product you want to use, eg. Ras-el-Hanout spice blend and recipes containing Ras-el-Hanout will be shown.

So what if I’m looking specifically for a Vietnamese recipe?

Then you’re in luck. The Gourmet Worldwide Recipe Search is a very powerful system. In amongst all of the other options covering meal type, heat rating and others is the option to limit the results to just a particular cuisine.

Simply choose ‘Vietnamese’ from the Region or Cuisine drop down list, select the rest of your criteria and then click the Find Recipe button.

…And if I have a great recipe that I’d like to share with you?

Easy! Simply click on SUBMIT A RECIPE, complete the form, attach a photo of the dish if you have one, then click SEND.

Our favourite recipes will be featured on our website with your name alongside!