FAQ – Understanding – Seasoning Details

What is a ‘Heat Rating’?

It is a way of showing you how hot/spicy a particular seasoning is. That way you can try new spices without worrying about them being too hot or maybe too tame!

How are they rated?

Our rating system is based upon Scoville Units which range from 0 (Sweet Peppers) to 300,000+ (Habaneros). However we have given them names to make them more easily digested:

Mild – – – 0 to 1000
Sultry – – – 1000 to 2000
Spicy – – – – – 2000 to 10,000
Explosive – – – 10,000 to 50,000
VOLCANIC! – – – 50,000 to 300,000+

What are seasonings/spices?

Seasonings are specific parts of selected plants that give unrivalled flavour to your cooking. Seasonings that come from the leaves of a plant such as thyme, rosemary or coriander are known as herbs. Seasonings that are made from other parts of a plant such as seeds, berries, roots or bark are known as spices. There are still other seasonings that have generic names all of their own: chillies and peppercorns for example.

Where do your seasonings come from?

From the finest sources we can unearth worldwide. Our commitment to authenticity means that we are very strict about where we source our seasonings from (see Sourcing & Provenance for more information).

We also stock a range of organic seasonings that are produced by traditional methods and are fully approved by the Soil Association.