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Why the funky pouches?

So that our seasonings are at their very best for when you need them in the kitchen, we have to very carefully look after the volatile oils, which are what provide the fantastic flavour and aroma that you love. Unfortunately, as their name suggests, these oils are delicate souls and are given to evaporating into the ether or breaking down on exposure to light.

Our air-tight, resealable, reflective pouches ensure that all the oils are retained in their most flavoursome form – ensuring that you can enjoy their full and fresh taste throughout their long shelf-life.

Can I tip the seasoning into glass jars?

You can.. but this is not recommended. This is because light, particularly sunlight, has a ‘leaching’ effect on flavour. Basically it dulls the taste… so keep them in our pouches which ensure the flavour is locked in until you need it released!