FAQ – Understanding – Recipes

How authentic are your recipes?

All our recipes are carefully selected to bring you the authentic flavours of each world cuisine. To achieve this, we insist on recipe integrity, the finest ingredients and traditional styles of cooking.

So please don’t feel inhibited and do feel free to experiment… if you so wish you can use the recipes as a base to work from. This is after all how cuisines evolve and develop… just ensure you use the finest ingredients and have fun!

I have a particular recipe I’m looking for – how can I find it?

Simply use our Recipe Search – e.g. if you are looking for recipes with ‘chicken’ or for recipes using ‘Ras-el-Hanout’ and so on. Hopefully we will have what you are looking for but if not, the search results will list the most similar recipes we have. Also, if you go into Recipesin the Header (the black area at the top of the page) you can select other specific criteria.

… and if all else fails, please do feel free to contact us, we will be delighted to do all we can to help.

Is there an easy way for me to print out a recipe to follow whilst I’m cooking?

Of course. On every recipe you will find a ‘print recipe’ button, this will print the recipe directly. The printed version of the recipe has been specially formatted to generally fit on A4 paper, rather than a computer screen.

How can I send details of a recipe to friends?

Just go to ‘Share This Recipe’ at the end of any recipe page. Here you have the choice of sharing the recipe on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or via email.