How to Season Chips

Understanding Spices

Chips, are a beloved snack enjoyed by many around the globe, offering a blank canvas for culinary creativity. Learn how to season chips to perfection!

While plain chips can be satisfying on their own, the true magic lies in the art of seasoning. Here are a few ways some countries like to enjoy them…

In Amsterdam you will most definitely pass a van or ‘hole in the wall’ style shop that serve fried potatoes in a cone, usually with a mixture of mayonnaise and dips slathered over them!

Canada is famous for their ‘Poutine’ which if you haven’t heard of already is chunky chips covered in cheese and gravy! You will probably see versions of this in the UK to but Canada brought this dish to life!

Canadian Poutine, chips with cheese and gravy

In Spain you will find beautiful patatas bravas, which is traditionally cubed potatoes mixed with herbs and salt and topped with a sweet tomato sauce. Over the years there have been twists on the classic with potatoes becoming more ‘chip’ style of wedges too.

We couldn’t write a blog about chips without mentioning of course the UK’s most famous, Fish and Chips. Delicious fried crispy chips, fluffy on the inside and either doused in salt and vinegar or several sauces such as curry, gravy or bbq!

Now if you’ve decided you are hungry for chips after reading, we have 6 seasonings that we are exploring further to enhance your chip cooking skills in the kitchen!

Lemon pepper, peri-peri seasoning, wild herb cooking salt, shichimi togarashi, Lampong black pepper and paprika. By understanding the unique characteristics of each seasoning and spice, their potential combinations, we can unlock a world of super tasty fries and elevate our chip-eating experience.

Lemon pepper seasoning, with its zesty and tangy profile, adds a burst of citrusy goodness to chips. To prepare lemon pepper chips, begin with a base of plain chips. Sprinkle the chips with lemon pepper seasoning, consisting of dried lemon zest and cracked black pepper. This combination not only enhances the natural flavours of the chips but also introduces a refreshing twist that tantalizes the taste buds. The light and tangy notes of lemon complement the savoury crunch of the chips, making them a delightful treat.

Originating from Portuguese and African cuisines, peri-peri seasoning brings a fiery kick to chips. To create peri-peri chips, toss plain chips with a generous amount of peri-peri seasoning (if you like spicy chips!), which includes ingredients like chilli powder, paprika, garlic powder, and herbs. The resulting chips offer a harmonious balance of heat, smokiness, and savoury flavours. Each bite provides a fiery explosion that satisfies the cravings of spice enthusiasts.

For those seeking a more herbaceous and aromatic chip experience, wild herb cooking salt is a wonderful choice. Made by combining dried herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sea salt, this seasoning imparts a fragrant and earthy essence to the chips. Sprinkle the chips with the wild herb cooking salt and allow the flavours to infuse. The result is a satisfying crunch coupled with a symphony of herbal notes. The natural saltiness of the seasoning amplifies the chip’s taste, while the herbs add a touch of sophistication to the overall Flavour profile.

Chips in paper cones from Amsterdam

Shichimi togarashi, a traditional Japanese seven-spice blend, takes chip seasoning to new heights. Comprising ingredients like chilli flakes, orange peel, sesame seeds, and nori, this seasoning boasts a complex flavour profile. To season chips with shichimi togarashi, gently sprinkle the spice blend onto the chips, ensuring an even distribution. The combination of heat, umami, and subtle citrus undertones creates a symphony of flavours that dance on the palate. Shichimi togarashi not only adds a delightful crunch but also introduces a unique and exotic twist to your chip experience.

Lastly, paprika, a versatile and vibrant spice, offers a rich flavour to chips. With its deep red hue and distinct aroma, paprika adds a touch of warmth to the chips. Simply sprinkle the chips with paprika and enjoy the explosion of flavour. The smoky undertones of paprika complement the crispy texture of the chips, creating a harmonious balance. For an extra kick, consider combining paprika with other seasonings like garlic powder or cayenne pepper to create your own signature blend. Try our recipe: Caribbean Honey Jerk Beef With Paprika Fries And Bean And Carrot Salad

We have created a Chip Seasoning spice bundle so you can make your own mind up on how to season chips with each of these products. This chip seasoning bundle also includes Lampong Black Peppercorns so you can just add pepper to your chips or be more adventurous depending on your mood.

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