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Looking for rubs? You’ve come to the right place. Rubs are a dry mixture of spices and herbs that are applied to the surface of meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables before cooking. The ingredients in a rub can vary widely, depending on the desired flavour profile and the type of cuisine you’re cooking. The idea is that the blend of spices and herbs are rubbed into the surface of the food, where it forms a flavourful crust as it cooks.

First and foremost, rubs are used to add depth of flavour to food, making it more interesting and tastier. Additionally, they can also help to tenderise the meat, breaking down the connective tissue and allowing flavours to penetrate deeper into the food. Rubs can be used in place of marinades or sauces, which may be a little messier to work with or add too much moisture to the food.

As you can see from our extensive product list, spice rubs are used in different cuisines found all over the world. For example, in the United States (particularly in the south), a classic barbecue rub can be found in every town, city and village, typically featuring spices such as paprika, cumin, chilli powder and brown sugar. Across the border in Mexico, meanwhile, you’ll find achiote paste being used for meats and fish — this uses spices such as sea salt, clove buds, oregano leaves and coriander seeds. Over in North Africa, Ras el Hanout is a very popular rub for lamb. Our own Ras el Hanout features a mix of fifteen herbs and spices that have been hand-blended and dry roasted.

To create a top-quality rub you have to use top-quality ingredients. Like the Ras el Hanout, all of our rubs are hand-blended, using the finest, freshest ingredients we can source. We also understand the importance of proportions for each ingredient. For example, some rubs may include salt or sugar, which helps to tenderise certain meats and balance flavours. If you overdo it, however, then you’ll end up with a rub that’s overpowered by that one thing. It’s a finely tuned process that we’ve mastered over many years.

Whether you're grilling, roasting, or smoking, a well-made spice rub can add a depth of flavour that makes the food more interesting and delicious. Certain foods and cuisine demand a certain type of rub that pairs well with it, so take a look at our many blends below and find the perfect pick for you.