Retro food is back in vogue!

44238329_sNostalgia has crept into our food culture with a surge in popularity of the dishes we loved in the 1970s!

There is no doubt that some of them are probably best left in the culinary history books. However, others are making a welcome return in preference to the quirky food pairings, foams and airs that now adorn the plates on cookery shows!

We all remember the days of prawn cocktails, vol-au-vents and cheese & pineapple on sticks in the shape of hedgehogs! Yummy desserts included Arctic roll, baked Alaska, Black Forest Gateau and knickerbocker glory. Out of the main courses of Coq-au-vin, Meatloaf, Goulash and so on, there is one that we welcome back with gusto – the Swiss Cheese Fondue!

Despite being delicious, it is a wonderfully social meal and should not be enjoyed only by those lucky enough to be skiing in the Alps. Our classic and simple recipe is cheese heaven!