Spicy “Lockdown” Poem


I could abide Lockdown more
If everything wasn’t such a chore
But cooking keeps me acting nice
Especially if I’m using spice

I wander up and down the house
keeping as quiet as a mouse
But I can’t catch that pioneer
Who wanders far and wanders near
As lonely as a cloud he goes
And when he gets bored he counts his toes

He cooks all the time with his spices and stuff
And makes good meals – that’s not just guff
He uses Seasoned stuff and gets it all right
When I try it, it gives the dog a fright!!
It’s easy really and works for all
It’s just on the website so I shouldn’t stall.

Seasoned Pioneers has all the info
Just check and you’ll see
You’ll be as good as me
In no time at all. You can do it too
but no one will know except me and you

because of lockdown you see
that’s why it’s you and me
And Seasoned Pioneers new website for tea

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