The Best Secret Santa Foodie Gifts

Seasonal Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner (it seems to come faster every year), you may find yourself in a familiar position. It’s secret Santa at work and you’ve drawn somebody who’s a little tricky to gauge…what do you buy? Before you hit the panic buttons, we thought we’d pitch you some of the best secret Santa foodie gifts available. Food-related gifts are a universal winner. Who doesn’t love food (or a dash of mulled wine, perhaps)?

Whether you’re buying a secret Santa food gift for the adventurous type, a seasoned cook or a new beginner in the kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Of course, there are plenty of festive treats too! Read on to find the perfect secret Santa food gifts…

SEA-378-Adventurous Worldwide Giftbox-Collection-52-Scr


In every workplace, you’ll always find a traveller. Someone who just can’t stop the wanderlust. Whenever possible, they’ll be jetting off around the world and coming back a few weeks later to tell you all about it. Got a person in mind? The Adventurous Worldwide Gift Selection may just be one of the best secret Santa food gifts.

Combining several of our best hand-blended spice mixes, this gift pack will send your secret Santa around the world from the comfort of his or her own kitchen, so there’s no worries if they haven’t got enough holidays left to book some time away!

Rick Stein & Delia Smith fans

Got any avid Rick Stein or Delia Smith fans in the office? If so, these secret Santa foodie gifts could do just the trick.

If you’ve landed the keen baker (the one who’s always bringing in delicious treats), Delia’s Spices are ideal. In The Delia Cakes cookbook, you’re guided through several delicious recipes that make use of the spice and spice blends in this gift set. The great news is that even you benefit from this one. Hopefully, they’ll be bringing in plenty of sticky toffee loaf cake to share!

Alternatively, we’ve worked together with Rick Stein putting together this selection of spices to accompany his book and BBC TV series ‘India’. Perhaps you’re already aware of this because your secret Santa has told you everything about it? If so, they will love this!

Gin and Tonic Garnish Box


While this is officially supposed to be a list of some of the best secret Santa foodie gifts, we couldn’t not mention our Gin and Tonic Garnish Box. Alcohol is always going to be a winner when it comes to secret Santa and with this gift, you’re guaranteed to impress everyone at work.

Inside the box, you’ll find a selection of spices and other botanical ingredients, alongside a drink pairing guide. The package is designed to encourage experimenting with your cocktails and spicing up those G&T’s. It’s a lot of fun! Just remember to keep it outside of work hours.

Mulled Wine Spice Mix

Mulled wine

Speaking of alcohol…it is Christmas after all. Our selection of Mulled spices could well be the perfect secret Santa gift. With recipes on the back of each package, these spices of mulled wine, mulled cider, hot toddy, Caribbean sorrel rum and cafe brulot are all perfect for spicing up your drinks over the festive period.

Alternatively, there’s the traditional mulled wine spice drawstring bag. This one is super easy and anyone (over the age of 18!) can get involved. Inside the bag you’ll find four spice balls (a mix of cinnamon, cassia, orange peel, allspice and clove). All you need to do is add them to a pan of simmering red wine and voilà. Easy as that!

So, there are a selection of our best secret Santa food gifts available. If you didn’t quite find what you were looking for, don’t worry. We have a wide range of options available in our store with something for everyone of all ages. You can check out the full secret Santa gifts selections here.

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