Food Writer & Customer Testimonials

“Just found your site by accident and it is wonderful!! I love it!”

Auntie Roz USA Website

“My Mum (Margaret) thinks that shopping over the Internet is pretty amazing – she’ll be even more impressed with your courteous follow up! – thank you”

Helen, United Kingdom Website

“There are barely enough mealtimes in the week to try all these wonderful ingredients”

Marilyn Reed United Kingdom Sourcing & Production

“Apart from Moroccan national Government site this is the best Moroccan/Middle East spice/cuisine site I have found – more, more, more!”

Anna Hayward-Blake United Kingdom Website

“Fantastic and friendly service, and I’m looking forward to ordering from you again in the future”

Glenys Norquay United Kingdom Service

“The freshness and aroma of those that I have opened are unrivalled”

Iona Valrusch South Africa Specific Ingredients

“I am so excited at the prospect of being able to buy Galangal!! Well done!! I look forward to finding out what other treasures you stock?”

Kirsty Dunn United Kingdom Specific Ingredients

“Your spice blends are fantastic!”

Anneli Brisley United Kingdom Sourcing & Production


“…piri-piri chillies, hard to find though Seasoned Pioneers sells them crushed and dried” Diana Henry

Diana Henry Sunday Telegraph

“I especially like your gift packs, and the way the spices come with other recipe suggestions”

Mandy Elkerton United Kingdom Sourcing & Production

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