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Splice it with Spice – Wedding Favours

Bespoke wedding favours will add that ‘extra something’ to your wedding celebrations! Unconventional and innovative, our spice tins filled with authentic Cajun Spice Blend, sealed with airtight lids, are an imaginative example of ‘out with the old and in with the new’. No traditional ‘sugared almond’ wedding favours here! Substitute the orthodox with the ingenious and add that ‘splash’ of innovation to your table settings.

As a solution to the problem of finding something different for your Special Day there is nothing ‘old hat’ about these personalised wedding favours. Attractively packaged in eye-catching and recyclable tins they will be a lasting reminder to your guests of a very important, exciting and memorable occasion.

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unique wedding favours

The Wedding Favour Custom

A long held custom which still has significance today, the giving of small gifts by the ‘happy couple’ to their guests is a popular and thoughtful way of thanking guests for their presence at your wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards. Historically regarded as bringing good luck, the monetary value of wedding favours also indicated the wealth of the hosts. The latter is of little relevance now, but the giving of wedding favours is still regarded as a cordial, welcoming gesture expressing appreciation of all the efforts made by those invited to produce a lively, supportive gathering.

There is something special about unique wedding favours. With a personalised inscription tailored to the day including dates and names, the spice tins will conjure up happy memories and be an enduring reminder of a unique occasion.

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Foodie Wedding Favour

As a novel and useful addition to anyone’s kitchen they are an inspirational food related gift. ‘Foodie’ friends and family will be delighted by the thought that has gone into choosing a foodie wedding favour that will bring back recurring memories of a special day. This ‘cool’ addition to any kitchen may even open up a whole new world of culinary adventure to the lesser chefs within your ‘circle’. They may be inspired to create their own ‘take’ on worldwide cuisine, to be more adventurous with their menus and reap the rewards of taste and improved health that come with the best handmade, sustainably resourced spices available. What’s more these spice tins are refillable from our foil pouches. They are the wedding favour that keeps on giving!

Bespoke Wedding Favour

Handmade in the UK, Cajun Spice Blend with its hot spiced chilli flavour and sweet herbal notes is a stylish mix of French and Spanish sophistication together with the fire of Africa. Its particular qualities make it the ideal choice as an ingenious alternative to many ‘run of the mill’ wedding favours currently on the market. Many are more whimsical than practical and lose much of their significance and impact once your special day is over. Less ‘froth’ and more substance!

Bespoke wedding favour spice tins are extremely versatile. They would make a distinctive gift that would enhance any celebratory occasion whether it’s a special birthday or anniversary, a christening or an engagement party. What an excuse to think creatively and do something a little different! See alternative gifts for foodie friends.

Truly Original Wedding Favours (2)

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