Food Writer & Customer Testimonials

“I especially like your gift packs, and the way the spices come with other recipe suggestions”

Mandy Elkerton United Kingdom Sourcing & Production

“I bought some of your herbs at the Food and Drink Show and found them superior to the ones at the supermarket”

Diane Hunt, United Kingdom Sourcing & Production

“What fantastic service!! My order arrived 24 hours after placing it with you, and you can’t get better than that. Will definitely be using you again”

Debbie Reynolds United Kingdom Service

“Just to say that the spices arrived this morning: I am delighted and amazed by the speed and efficiency of your service. Thank you very much!”

Ruth Saunders United Kingdom Service

“I never knew that plain old meat could be made to taste so wonderful just by a sprinkling of a few spices and herbs”

Anne Lawrence United Kingdom Specific Ingredients

“your spices are the best yummiest things ever to hit my palette”

Max Edie United Kingdom Sourcing & Production

“I love cooking and it is great to stuff my cupboard with all these great tastes from everywhere in the world. That’s what I call service!”

Manon Capel Netherlands Sourcing & Production

“Absolutely Fabulous! Great spices, great tips & amazing recipes… AND, the price is right too!!!”

Karen Booth France Specific Ingredients

“I have tried several of your products and always been very impressed”

Sarah Ramsbottom, United Kingdom Sourcing & Production


“Specialist seeds by post… Nigella seeds (from Seasoned Pioneers)”

BBC Good Food Magazine Specific Ingredients

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