How to make Lavender Wedding Favours

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Wedding favours are, surprisingly, not a modern innovation. For at least five hundred years these small gifts have been given by the bridal couple to their guests as a sign of appreciation for their attendance at the wedding ceremony.

Historically, though these offerings may have been small in size they were often great in value, possibly involving precious jewels and metals. These would vary in accordance with the wealth of the donor and indicate the ‘givers’ standing in the community.

Through the centuries the wedding favour has evolved, initially using the valuable commodities of the day. Sugar, for example was used in various confectionery favours and is familiar to all of us in the sugared almond ones that are still a popular choice.

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Wedding Favours Today

Though not essential, little additions such as these are a useful adornment to the wedding ‘breakfast’ table. Alternatively, they can be offered to the guests by the bridesmaids or ‘flower girls’ at an appropriate point in the proceedings, from decorated baskets. A personal touch that can go down very well!

Suitable novel or more sophisticated items are readily available for purchase. From the relatively cheap to the very expensive they can be personalised or made to order. However, there is nothing like a handmade favour showing that little bit of extra thought, care, time and individual involvement. 

Lavender’s for Everyone!

Though we may consider lavender as having only feminine appeal – think again! The properties and possibilities of this exceptional herb are universal. Men too have drawers for ‘drawers’ and (not so small) ‘smalls’! All ‘nether’ garments benefit from the refreshing properties of this wonderful herb. Great for ‘his’ and ‘hers’ wardrobes, lavender bags deter all manner of insects as well as those pesky moths that can ravage any natural materials including cotton, wool and silk. They are great air fresheners for cars and sports bags. Tuck one under a pillow for a calming and relaxing sleep.

The properties of lavender are particularly extensive. In its seemingly unlimited applications, lavender is of benefit to both ‘guys’ and ‘gals’!

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Why Lavender Wedding Favours?

Why not? Requiring very little expertise, some basic materials, possibly a passing friend or relative and definitely an hour or two or three … it is possible to produce these tokens of appreciation at minimal cost. Being able to personalise them in a very special way is a bonus!

Handmade lavender bags or pouches become not only a ‘thank you’ but also a momento of the Big Day and show the happy couple’s determination to ‘go that extra mile’.

What Do You Need?

A little bit of thought needs to go into deciding the size and shape and choosing the materials and decorations. Don’t forget the fundamental ingredient – lavender and consider a mixture of herbs which might include rosemary or even rose petals.

For the ladies, materials that match, tone with or complement the bridesmaids outfits and the general theme of the occasion, work well.

For the gentlemen select, a more robust type of fabric such as hessian for that masculine look. Use raffia or similar for the tie. Alternatively, secure with a version of the traditional ‘shirt’ tie using non-fraying materials -possibly in a stripe.

Mix and match colours and styles. Experiment with shapes and sizes. This is an opportunity to be inventive and imaginative!

Use the names or initials of the bride and groom and/or the guests for special personalising. Incorporate the date.

For tags or labels use card or, more adventurously, wood. Remember to allow for a loop so that they are easy to hang up.

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