Cinnamon & Caramelised Banana Pancakes

Cinnamon & Caramelised Banana Pancakes


20 minutes








Making this recipe


For pancakes:
150g flour
300ml milk
2 x eggs
1 x heaped tbs Ground Cinnamon

For banana:
1 x large banana
50g brown sugar
40g Butter
(Sprinkles optional)

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Step 1

Add the flour, milk, eggs and cinnamon to a bowl/jug and whisk together to form a batter.

Step 2

Heat a frying pan to medium heat and add a tbs of oil

Step 3

Use a ladle to pour in the batter one pancake at a time

Step 4

Fry for 1 minute on each side and stack on your plate, should make around 6 pancakes

(set aside)

Step 5

Spread the brown sugar on to a plate and cut the banana in half

Step 6

Lay each slice in the brown sugar and flip so that evenly coated

Step 7

Add the butter to hot a pan and allow to melt, once bubbling add the sliced bananas

Step 8

Keep an eye on the pan so not to burn the sugar, turn the banana once caramelised

Step 9

Once they look nice and brown add to the top of the pancakes

Step 10

If you want extra sauce add some more brown sugar to the pan and gently stir the last of the butter until combined, pour over the pancakes and add sprinkles


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