Whole Chipotle Pepper

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Whole Chipotle chillies derive from jalapeños that are smoke-dried to give a deep, rounded heat and slightly smoky aroma. The flavour has tobacco and chocolate notes, with a delightful brazil nut finish.

Used throughout Mexico, dried Chipotle chillies typically soak in boiling water for 10-15 minutes to re-hydrate. The chillies blend with spices to create a paste for Chilli con Carne or a rub for meat and fish.

Try adding to beans and pulses to create a smoky homemade ketchup or even add to tomato soup! Consider purchasing our crushed Chipotle to season different dishes.

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1 review for Whole Chipotle Pepper

  1. kristisdale1

    Amazing for home made BBQ sauce and pulled pork

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