Fenugreek Seeds Organic, Whole

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Organic Fenugreek Seeds strong tart flavour mellows when dry-roasted or fried. used in many indian dishes, as well as in egyptian and ethiopian breads. goes well with rice, pulses, root vegetables and fish curries

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Ideally used in: Curries Soups Stews

Excellent with: Fish Pulses Rice Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

1 review for Fenugreek Seeds Organic, Whole

  1. James Kellam (verified owner)

    This is the only item I’ve used so far from my recent order of mostly Indian Spices and, as always with Seasoned Pioneers, I was well pleased with the result. These gave off a lovely aroma as they were cooking in hot oil before adding the rest of the ingredients which were mainly Aubergine and Spinach and the finished dish had a great flavour. Highly recommended and I’m sure all of the things I ordered will be up to this standard as they always are.


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