Fenugreek Leaves

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Fenugreek leaves, or Methi, have a slightly sweet, nutty flavour with a grassy aroma reminiscent of fenugreek seeds. Popular in Indian, Persian and Middle Eastern cuisines, the leaves are used to add a sweet depth to curry. They provide vital flavour to Sabzi Ghormeh and can also be used to garnish dishes.

Fenugreek leaves are great to use instead of fresh coriander in curries like Chicken Makhani, Chicken Methi and Vindaloo. Enjoy in spiced bread with stews, masalas and dips. Try sprinkling over a Madras curry or wherever you would add fresh coriander. The leaves also work well with cooked rice, spinach, potatoes and even omelettes!

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Ideally used in: Curries Soups Stews

Excellent with: Beef Chicken Lamb Pork Rice Vegetables

Dietary Requirements: Gluten Free Salt-Free Vegetarian

3 reviews for Fenugreek Leaves

  1. Patsy (verified owner)

    Made a chicken methi using this product. Cannot believe how fresh and authentic the curry tasted, and my friends agreed.

  2. Viv Oliver (verified owner)

    I love these leaves in any curry. Far more effective than dried coriander.

  3. katrinaoreilly8 (verified owner)

    I have been unable to get this product in the leaf where I live. Fantastic products makes your curry’s taste beautiful.

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