Cook your way through the Coronavirus


“Be-versed” in the way of healthy living.

The ‘Lockdown’ Meltdown?

At this time of isolation
And restricted expectation,
There has to be a way
To occupy each day…

We really must prioritise –
Finding time to exercise.
Take an hour out every day
And keep it local all the way!

With every week the same
It seems an endless ‘game’ –
We’re seeking inspiration
For this, our new ‘staycation’.

We need to look ahead
Tho’ this path we must tread –
Become a ‘Delia’ cheat
And make what we eat a treat?

Each day is ‘Groundhog Day’
It will not go away –
Whatever can we do
To stop this deja vu?

Abandoning the norm
Cook up a raging storm
Discover ‘Power Pods’
Oh – nectar from the gods!

On the power of taste depend
The Spice Pioneer befriend,
Make dining an event
From Kent to Stoke on Trent.

You cobwebs – be afraid!
We’re on a big crusade
To sanitise what cannot move
My goodness, Granny would approve!

Our self-distancing community
Must look to its immunity.
Food has a part to play
So cook from scratch every day.

We’re not twiddling our thumbs
We’re searching out those crumbs…
Beneath the bed, amongst the fluff
Wherever did we get that stuff?!

Those culinary forces –
Gourmet Cooking Sauces
What more could you desire
Than spicy Jambalaya?

A new-style garden dug from scratch
(No petunia in our onion patch!)
A shock for all those spreading weeds –
Making way for veggie seeds.

Don’t be a slob
(Remember the hob?)
Cook delights every day
Find that inner gourmet!

There really isn’t any doubt
That dressing up to put bins out
Owain the drummer, Captain Tom,
Their antics did go down a bomb!

Red cabbage with beef casserole
Comfort food that will console
Consider well the power of spice
To make it something really nice!

There’s working at home
There’s being alone
There’s answering the call
To look after us all.

Support your local farm shop
The butcher and the Co-op
Get out there and discover
Dinners like no other!

There’s time to stand and stare
At rainbows everywhere –
But young (and old) take care
When you’re out to hunt that bear!

Chillies, curries, soups and stews
So many meals from which to choose.
Spice Pioneer – now he’s the one,
Not happy ’til his job is done!

Raise a glass and make a toast
To our heroes owed the most.
On Thursday evenings, time to pause
And fill the streets with our applause!

Give your gin a garnish lift –
(Now there’s a truly super gift!)
Pink peppercorns – the way to go
To give your drink that extra ‘glow’

The Pioneer thinks saffron too
Will just bestow the perfect hue!
Wonderfully aromatic
Herbs and spices so dramatic!

Knitting yarn is at a low
It really is a major blow
For all aspiring trendy-setters
Without their festive Xmas sweaters!

Fruit and veg, nuts, whole grains
For our health have many gains.
Fish, lean meat and spice blends too –
Exotic flavours to imbue.

No guarantee of PPE
A lack of scrubs and grocery
The sanitiser rigmarole
Where will we get our toilet roll?

We find it hard to comprehend
We wonder how it all will end.
What strategy will prove desirous
In this battle of Coronavirus?

We’ll eat the hottest ginger and spicy turmeric
Hoping they’ll prevent us from getting very sick.
We’ll devour explosive chillies – the smelliest garlic
Think positive – believing this will surely do the trick?!!

Keep calm and have a cuppa
It’s our national stiff lip – upper
That will face the fight and win it –
It’s our British spirit, innit?!

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