Cajun Jambalaya Gourmet Cooking Sauce

£ 3.75


Gluten free

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

100% natural

Hand packed in UK

Serves: 3 to 4
Shelf life: up to 18 months


Strictly no preservatives, no colourings, no artificial additives: no compromises

Authentic Cajun Flavours for the Discerning Food Lover

Fiery, dry-roasted Cajun spices provide the kick overlaying the sweet tartness of bell peppers, coriander and garlic.

Cooking Guidelines

Jambalaya Sauce Serves 3 to 4. Kitchen to Table in 25 to 30 minutes
1) Cook four sausages, then cut into chunks
2) In the meantime, heat 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil and stir-fry 2-3 diced chicken breasts
3) Once cooked, mix the Jambalaya Sauce with the chicken & sausages and bring to a simmer
4) Stir in four portions of cooked rice and serve hot
Cajun Jambalaya Gourmet Cooking Sauce is also good with vegetables, ham, prawns, shrimps – or, if available, alligator!


Water, Celery, Onion, Green Peppers (9%), Red Peppers (9%), Sunflower Oil, Cajun Spice Blend* (Cayenne Pepper*, Green Cardamom*, Cumin Seed*, Black Peppercorns*, Sea Salt*, Fennel*, Garlic*, Coriander Seed*, Red Chillies*, Oregano*, Thyme*) (0.9%), Sea Salt, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Coriander, Garlic, Vegetable Boullion Powder (contains celery), Natural Thickener: Xanthan Gum

(* Seasoned Pioneers finest authentic seasonings)

Nutritional Information

Typical Values per 100g serving:

Energy 259kJ/62kcal, Fat 5.1g, of which saturates 0.6g,  Carbohydrate 3.2g, of which sugars 2.2g,  Fibre 1.0g, Protein 0.8g, Salt 0.2g


Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Cajun Jambalaya Gourmet Cooking Sauce

  1. Cyril Barnett (verified owner)

    What a truly wonderful tasty sauce this is, warmly spiced and fruity, we did ours with chicken thighs, though we may try it along side Glamorgan sausages next time, I’m sure it would also be just as superb with roasted squash or stuffed roasted peppers for a meat free option. Magnifico!

  2. Marion Richards (verified owner)

    Delicious, always reminds me of New Orleans, where my cousin lives.
    “Jambalaya, crawfish pie, on the bijou,”. Down the Mississippi on a Stern Wheeler,
    “Large riverboat ”

    You should try both of the above!!

    Enjoy xx

  3. gazza2312 (verified owner)

    This sauce is absolutely fantastic, can’t recommend it highly enough. No need to add any extra spices and easy to prepare a delicious meal.

  4. Paul Blower (verified owner)

    I have been using this sauce from Seasoned Pioneers for a number of years, it’s still as “GREAT” as the day we started using it. The service is also very good

  5. Ian Fuller (verified owner)

    perfect accompaniment to any meat but prawns and chorizo with a little chicken is perfect

  6. Mary (verified owner)

    Lovely. Only way I can describe the Jambalaya Sauce. Always do ours with chicken prawns and sausage and it is delicious.
    Quick and easy to prepare.
    Delivery is very prompt and everything is well packed.

  7. Nigel (verified owner)

    I am very fond of Jambalaya and was unable to find a decent one in any supermarket (one even smelt of curry!). Luckily I found one of these sauces in a Farm Shop at a Stately Home of all places. Since then I have never looked back. I make up a batch once a month, add chicken, cumberland sausage, chorizo sausage and just a dash of hot West Indian sauce. This makes 5 good portions for the freezer. Defrost, add a little chicken stock, prawns and rice and it’s a meal fit for a king! Best I’ve ever found, so much so that I’ve given up making my own in favour of this one.

  8. Tracey Fookes (verified owner)

    Love this Jambalaya sauce. Used to use it all the time when it was available in the supermarket and was very disappointed when they stopped selling it. But I tracked it down online when nothing else matched up with the flavour. Pity the supermarkets are determined to do away with flavour in favour of their own brand stuff!!

  9. Leigh Ann Hills (verified owner)

    i’d forgotten how easy it was to use these lovely sauces for a super quick, tasty dinner. grilled sausages, Jambalaya Gourmet Cooking Sauce, boom!

  10. Betty (verified owner)

    I was so pleased that many of your sauces are suitable for coeliacs. The Jambalaya sauce was really delicious. I used chicken and gluten free sausages. Betty Calder

  11. rick (verified owner)

    Impressive sauce,with a nice kick.

  12. jon legge (verified owner)

    This sauce is superb. I use chorizo sausage with the chicken and all the family love it !!!

    Well done seasoned pioneers!!

  13. stephen (verified owner)

    We buy many items online and regard Seasoned Pioneers as the best company that we have dealt with. The Jambalaya sauce is excellent with chicken and sausage, so easy to use and great value. The delivery is extremely quick and we were kept up to date at every stage, they said they would deliver between 9:50am and 10:50am on a particular day. We received it at 9:50am. We will certainly be back

  14. Chris Kinvig

    I love this sauce as you can use up any left over sausages.

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Gluten free

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

100% natural

Hand packed in UK

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