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Claims to Fame

“Ras-el-Hanout Spice Blend from Seasoned Pioneers saves you from having to unearth all the different spices”

Alistair Hendy Olive Magazine

“… all comes dry-roasted and blended from Seasoned Pioneers to bring, as they say, the authentic taste of Morocco to your kitchen”

Delia Smith How to cheat at cooking

“…import the finest spices from all around the world, then roast them and blend them into just the right combination for any country”

Delia Smith How to cheat at cooking

“…piri-piri chillies, hard to find though Seasoned Pioneers sells them crushed and dried”

Diana Henry Sunday Telegraph

“Seasoned Pioneers Mulled Wine Spice Mix… excellent spice mix, easy to use for your festive glass of mulled wine”

Fran Warde The Times

“Buying the Best… Seasoned Pioneers… stock just about any spice you care to name… blends are authentic”

Henrietta Green BBC Good Food Magazine

“Buying the Best… Seasoned Pioneers… everything is guaranteed fresh in a resealable pouch”

Henrietta Green BBC Good Food Magazine

“Seasoned Pioneers Dukkah… not just a blend of spices, this dukkah includes roasted hazelnuts and sesame seeds for a nutty flavour that is delicious”

Jenni Muir The Independent

“…essential is Ras-el-Hanout, a musky amber-coloured mix used in Moroccan cooking… from Seasoned Pioneers”

Lucas Hollweg The Times

“Seasoned Pioneers… what a revelation – fabulous quality spices and authentic blends in efficient foil packaging”

Nick Nairn Sunday Herald Magazine

“I’ve since become a dedicated fan of the website where there’s an amazing range of aromatic spice blends covering all countries and cuisines”

Nick Nairn Sunday Herald Magazine

“Getting your hands on unusual spices that are fresh can be problematic, but thankfully the guys at Seasoned Pioneers have done the hard work for you”

Nick Nairn Sunday Herald Magazine

“This variety pack will set any cook’s pulse racing. Good throughout the festive season and beyond. Go on spice up someone’s life…”

Richard Ehrlich Guardian Weekend Magazine

“Over 100 varieties of spices from all over the world, some organic. Spice blends are created in house, using original, traditional recipes”

Rick Stein Rickstein.co.uk

“Rick’s favourite suppliers… Seasoned Pioneers… all their spice blends are done in house by hand to strictly genuine recipes”

Rick Stein Delicious Magazine

“Dukkah is an Egyptian spice mix that includes roasted hazelnuts, cumin, coriander and sesame seeds… from Seasoned Pioneers”

Sue Lawrence Scotland on Sunday

“Seasoned Pioneers… their range of over 100 spice blends and seasonings is incomparable”

Sue Lawrence Scotland on Sunday

“Using only the finest ingredients, all his spice blends are hand-produced to strictly genuine recipes, using traditional production techniques”

Ysanne Spevack Organicfood.co.uk

“Good Food Know-How: Sumac, the purply red spice from the Middle East… from Seasoned Pioneers”

BBC Good Food Magazine

Ras-el-Hanout Spice Blend… from Seasoned Pioneers”

BBC Good Food Magazine

“Ras-el-Hanout is a key spice mix used in Moroccan tagines. This little gem would be welcomed by a cook who enjoys North African cuisine”

BBC Good Food Magazine

“Seasoned Pioneers package spices in nifty foil sachets to protect the spices from daylight”

BBC Good Food Magazine

“Specialist seeds by post… Nigella seeds (from Seasoned Pioneers)”

BBC Good Food Magazine

“Seasoned Pioneers… rare cubeb pepper and other types of pepper, spices and aromatic herbs”

Descobrir Magazine (Spain)

“FC Expert Know How… look out for Ras-el-Hanout… one of a range of exotic spice blends made by Seasoned Pioneers”

Family Circle Magazine

“Seasoned Pioneers Cajun Spice Blend… lovely and smoky, smells much milder than it tastes so don’t be fooled. Good with pork”

Good Housekeeping

“Seasoned Pioneers listed in the UK’s Top 50 Mail Order Companies”

The Independent

“Grocery Category – Highly Commended: Seasoned Pioneers”

Waitrose – Small Producers Awards

“The zahtar blend is certainly a hit. Tried it on chicken drumsticks as Nigella does and was asked constantly what I had used”

Les Jordan Australia

“You cannot imagine how thrilled I am to have received your package this morning!”

Jill Tobin Austria

“Have ordered many different spices from you. The service is great and the spices are awesome!”

Shawna Brenner Canada

“Thank you for your wonderful product and efficient service”

Nijole Taylor Canada

“I think you website is great – really user friendly and it’s so easy to find items that aren’t stocked by supermarkets”

Debbie Caulfield Canada

“Dear Mark, Matt and all the team, thanks for the excellent products and great service”

Tina Thorrington Channel Islands

“Great service and I hope you go from strength to strength. I will no doubt be ordering again and shall recommend your site”

Tina Thorrington Channel Islands

“Your site was easy to search and the ordering simple. Everything arrived very quickly and I’m delighted with them. I’ll be back for more soon!”

Grainne O’Loghlen Eire

“Absolutely Fabulous! Great spices, great tips & amazing recipes… AND, the price is right too!!!”

Karen Booth France

“Just a quick note to say that the spices arrived, and I made a traditional chicken dhansak (Pat Chapman recipe), it was fantastic”

Judy Young France

“Thank you for the uncomplicated delivery and the nice brochure that came with it”

Monika Knoblich Germany

“I want to thank you for the very fast service (I ordered over the internet less than a week ago), recipes, information and excellent website”

Lesley Kloussiadis Greece

“I live in a small village in Iceland, I guess you could say “in the middle of nowhere”. Thank you for good service and now it’s best to start cooking!”

Alda David Iceland

“I am very impresed with the quality of the spices”

Jessica Farren Italy

“I live in Italy so ordering things through the internet is really good for me, but none of the other sights I order from have such a good response time”

Julie Watson Italy

“Having just moved to Korea, your delivery arrived and has been dived into with great enthusiasm and much relief. Keep up the good work”

Tracy Jane Butler South Korea

“Will definitely use you again, and am broadcasting your excellent service to all those I meet. Keep up the good work”

Mary Camilleri Malta

“I love cooking and it is great to stuff my cupboard with all these great tastes from everywhere in the world. That’s what I call service!”

Manon Capel Netherlands

“I have found it really hard getting hold of interesting and unusual spices etc since arriving to live in the United Kingdom”

Virginia Spong New Zealand

“The freshness and aroma of those that I have opened are unrivalled”

Iona Valrusch South Africa

“It is great to come online and be able to find out about ingredients and other spices”

Margaret Alberts-Ross South Africa

“living in a fairly remote village in South East Spain I am used to things taking forever to arrive, I placed my order on Monday and received it on Friday”

Dave Bartram Spain

“Delighted. You will certainly be hearing again from the spicy food lovers on the Costa del Sol. Wishing you every success”

Tony Edwards Spain

“I’m writing from Northwestern Spain, where almost every “exotic” spice is very hard to find, so your mail order service is a big help for me”

Jorge Guitian Spain

“Just found your site by accident and it is wonderful!! I love it!”

Auntie Roz USA

“I’d like to thank you for your very fast service. I live in Hawaii and you are the best for good products at reasonable prices and exceptional delivery service”

John Stark USA

“Thank you so much. My order arrived yesterday and I am very pleased”

Linda Crawford USA

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the 5 packs of Tunisian Tabil yesterday. Thank you so much!”

Hassina Albukhary USA

“Great service and superior spices, Thank you!!”

Bonnie Wahlstrom USA

“Dear Matt, Mark and the “Seasoned Pioneers Team”, I received the Grains of Paradise yesterday. The product was delicious and the service was excellent”

Francina M.W. Baldi USA

“I got my order in great shape and very quickly. Received it on October 20th and considering I ordered it online the 13th, that’s great service. Thanks!”


“We don’t have Grains of Paradise available in our country and many of the items you offer are superior to the ones we can purchase, I believe”

Joy Morse USA

“Hey, thanks for the quick order delivery. I didn’t expect it so fast”

Scott Roberson USA

“The spices that I ordered have arrived. Again, many thanks as your company was the only place on the web (internet) where I could find what I was looking for”

Steve Foster USA

“You are terrific and are providing a marvelous service at fair prices. I’ll be using you often and will pass the word. Congratulations on a great business!”

Patricia Hampl USA

“Ordering from you was a bit of an experiment, but I will never hesitate to do it again!”

Kris Smithberger USA

“I think your products are fabulous! The packets are so cool, they make great presents”

Anna Coupe United Kingdom

“Your Ras-el-Hanout – fabulous!”

Christopher Mann United Kingdom

“Excellent Mulled Wine mix, we have jst made it today and it is out of the world!”

Lisa Hewitt United Kingdom

“What a great website. I live in a small city and I struggle to get all the spices I need for Thai and Indian cooking”

Christine Reid United Kingdom

“What a find! An astonishing catalogue, I’ve been trying to find za’atah or powdered sumac for ages”

Pat Mitchell United Kingdom

“Great products. Found what I wanted and more!”

Claudine Shapiro United Kingdom

“Ras-el-Hanout has certainly spiced up the couscous dishes I have made”

Graham Hardwick United Kingdom

“I am always trying new recipes and with your website, it’s brilliant”

Lynne Heasman United Kingdom

“I found you in Rick Steins recipe book and his recipe for Moroccan Lamb with ras-el-hanout was absolutely delicious”

Christine Ross United Kingdom

“Used the rose petal masala last night in probably the best lamb dish I’ve ever made”

Lynne Walsh United Kingdom

“What a a great website, very informative”

Abie Patterson United Kingdom

“Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your service and spices”

Clare Jones United Kingdom

“I’m very impressed with my first order. Nice packaging, full to the brim with lovely herbs and spices”

Samara Somers United Kingdom

“A very well presented site which has lots of interesting ideas”

Toyah Abdullah United Kingdom

“We love the Ras-el-hanout mix you make, especially the rose petals and lavender and don’t want to use anyone else’s now”

Jennifer Hague-Beresford United Kingdom

“Only just discovered you, you have spices I can’t get anywhere else”

Vivian Christos United Kingdom

“I’ve just tried your Ras-El-Hanout spice mix in a Rick Stein recipe and it was very nice”

Christine Harris United Kingdom

“Thank you for the excellent and speedy service. I wont hesitate to use your services again and will recommend you to others without reservation”

Gordon Death United Kingdom

“What a fantastic site and right on my doorstep!”

Kathryn Ling United Kingdom

“I never knew that plain old meat could be made to taste so wonderful just by a sprinkling of a few spices and herbs”

Anne Lawrence United Kingdom

“The product was great and the speed and quality of of the service was first class. Excellent customer service is often hard to find these days – well done”

Anita Cousins United Kingdom

“Just received my very first order! Thank you soooo much – just opening the box was heaven – what FABULOUS smells”

Juz William United Kingdom

“Fantastic and friendly service, and I’m looking forward to ordering from you again in the future”

Glenys Norquay United Kingdom

“Excellent selection, fast delivery, will definitely be shopping with you again”

Barbara Budgen United Kingdom

“I am very impressed with the variety of products and your service. well done!”

Linda Page-Akers United Kingdom

“Thank you for the fast delivery of these spices – really excellent service!”

Simon Butler United Kingdom

“Your products are superb, the quick delivery is outstanding”

Primrose Smith United Kingdom

“A big thank you for the speedy delivery and the booklets”

Vanessa Smith United Kingdom

“Great service, great product and really well presented”

Tim Barker United Kingdom

“Thank you for prompt and efficient service, will recommend you to all I know, keep up the good work”

Mary Camilleri United Kingdom

“Your Cajun spice mix is the best i have ever used”

Clive Preece United Kingdom

“Can’t wait to start using the spices they smell wonderful”

Fiona Munn United Kingdom

“Very impressed with the company i have place two orders and received both orders the next day”

Shiralee Brownfield United Kingdom

“had our first order from you in double-quick time. Very impressed by your presentation and service”

Elaine and Roy Ponton United Kingdom

“I am particularly keen on cooking with your baharat and ras-el-hanout blends”

Peter Meads United Kingdom

“I am incredibly impressed with the service – thank you”

Margaret Murchison United Kingdom

“Amazing service, great quality products”

Julia Levy United Kingdom

“Personal service and prompt delivery”

Sheila Smith United Kingdom

“You are superb!”

Linda Brindley United Kingdom

“your spices are the best yummiest things ever to hit my palette”

Max Edie United Kingdom

“I feel I have to tell you how impressed I am with your service, absolutely amazing”

Anne Davies United Kingdom

“Great site and products. Your service has been outstanding, keep up the good work!”

Sinead Walsh United Kingdom

“Absolutely wonderful spices. Could almost eat the packet they came in”

Darren McElwain United Kingdom

“I’m a total fan of Ras-el-Hanout”

Liz Buckle United Kingdom

“For cooks who like something different, this is a great site”

Gail Levin United Kingdom

“Fantastic spices – spice parisienne, zanizibar curry and sichuan salt are real favourites – thanks!!”

Mike Palk United Kingdom

“I just wanted to e-mail to thank you and let you know how impressed I was with your speedy and highly efficient service”

Sally United Kingdom

“Thanks for such brilliant spices and blends…it makes cooking so much more fun nd enjoyable”

Carol Boreham United Kingdom

“Thank you, as ever for an excellent and speedy service”

Barbara Webster United Kingdom

“Just wanted to say how impressed i am with the service. I was amazed to receive it so quickly”

Jim Wells United Kingdom

“Your ras-el-hanout blend is just lovely. Cous cous has never tasted so good”

Bernadette Bustin United Kingdom

“Your products are amazing, nothing else is a patch on them. They are so versatile and easy to use. Thankyou for making my dinners more enjoyable”

Penelope Adrienne Bell United Kingdom

“Got some of your spices at the Good Food show this year on opening day. Have been blown away by the range and flavour”

Jamie Kilburn United Kingdom

“Last night we had a dinner for some friends and used the ras-el-hanout with lamb as in Nigella) everyone raved about it”

Sharon Thomas United Kingdom

“Thanks so much for the TERRIFIC service. Can’t wait to try everything and you can be sure I will brag about it all to my other cooking friends”

Susan Staples United Kingdom

“Thank you for my spice order – excellent, prompt service”

Fiona Hill United Kingdom

“Well, you said five working days and the very next morning there was my order! Excellent work”

Shelagh Martell, United Kingdom

“This morning I bumped into the postman delivering my first parcel of your goods. I only ordered yesterday afternoon – fantastic service, thanks very much”

Chris Richardson United Kingdom

“Thank you for your great prompt service and interesting cookbook and product information. I will recommend to others. Great e-shopping experience!”

Gafin Morgan United Kingdom

“Thank you for your very speedy and efficient service, which is the fastest I can ever remember”

Ruth Thompson United Kingdom

“As soon as I opened the ras-el-hanout spice I knew I was on to a winner, I have never experienced so fragrant a spice! It is divine!”

Patricia Fray, United Kingdom

“Your packaging is divine and I can’t wait to use the various spices to create (hopefully) some creative magic in my kitchen”

Kathryn Waring United Kingdom

“Thank you very much for absolute superb customer service and help. The delivery arrived last week in perfect condition”

Dagmar Saar, United Kingdom

“Ras-el-hanout is excellent and essential for chichen and lamb tagines”

Brenda Rose United Kingdom

“Excellent web site for spices. Very informative and interesting”

Barry Galbraith United Kingdom

“I placed an order recently and was delighted by the service and products”

Kate King United Kingdom

“Delighted with the speed of your despatch the order arrived to the most rural part of the Scottish Borders this morning”

Tony and Tessa Myhill United Kingdom

“I could not believe my eyes this morning when less than 24 hours from placing our order I had our packets of Annatto seeds in our hands. Thank you so much!!”

Donna & Sean United Kingdom

“I have been very pleased with the friendly and helpful advice that I have received via email when I have had an query about a product. Great customer service!”

Carolyn Addison United Kingdom

“The more people who discover these wonderful spices and seasonings the better”

Mary Howell, United Kingdom

“Can’t tell you how happy I am with my Zahtar and Ras El Hanout – Absolutely Fabulous”

Susanne Fitzpatrick, United Kingdom

“You give such a good personal service, which is second to none and such speedy deliveries. Keep up the good work”

Barbara Webster, United Kingdom

“I sprinkle it (Zahtar Spice Mix) over roast vegetables mixed with puy lentils and dressing, totally yummy scrumptious and addictive!”

Barbara Scott United Kingdom

“Very impressed with the promptness of delivery and also with the quality of the product. I will certainly use your company again”

Catherine Barrow United Kingdom

“I can’t believe it – I emailed the order yesterday lunchtime and the stuff arrived 10 o’clock this morning – I am seriously impressed!”

Cath Bradshaw United Kingdom

“Thanks…all arrived today, including the “extras” featured on the website…excellent service, as ever”

Martin Ash United Kingdom

“First time here and I’ve put you on my favorite places list”

Jean Dickey, United Kingdom

“Like the site, well designed and easy to follow”

Jack Watson United Kingdom

“Apart from Moroccan national Government site this is the best Moroccan/Middle East spice/cuisine site I have found – more, more, more!”

Anna Hayward-Blake United Kingdom

“I am inspired creating new recipes with the use of your marvellous spice mixtures”

Gabriella Kapsaski United Kingdom

“Placed my order yesterday, early afternoon, and received the order first thing this morning! VERY impressed!”

Caroline Slater United Kingdom

“Great spices and quick delivery – nice one!”

Steve Brown United Kingdom

“Very Interesting! As a chef I’m always looking for new sites with a better selection of hard to find items!!”

Paul Montador United Kingdom

“The aroma from each little packet was a delight. I will certainly be trying some of the recipes”

Jocelyn Browne United Kingdom

“Lovely exotic ingredients for anyone who has a passion for cooking”

Sophia Ben Romdhane, United Kingdom

“Was extremely happy with the service, especially as needed a quick turnaround on the delivery which was met (and therefore a birthday present was given!)”

Paul Mellor United Kingdom

“Brillant product, brillant service”

Jacqui Elliott United Kingdom

“Had my first order very promptly last week and am delighted with the product”

Barbara Scott, United Kingdom

“Ordered for the first time this week. Very impressed with customer service”

Alison Lee United Kingdom

“Keep up the good work, I shall definitely order from you again”

Emily Oram United Kingdom

“Fantastic! My first order placed online at lunchtime and arrived 8:30 the next morning”

Andrew MacKenzie, United Kingdom

“Thank you for the great service. I received the spices on Saturday morning. We will definitely make use of your services in future”

Colette Jeppe United Kingdom

“Thank you Mark so much for order received this morning. Wonderful service and friendly approach”

Edward United Kingdom

“I am very impressed with your response and your attention to detail… nice to see and sorry to say unusual. Lovely company to deal with”

Yvonne Lowes-Bird United Kingdom

“Impressed with the fact that you obviously give all your customers the same service, no matter how small fry they are”

Daphne Cavanah United Kingdom

“My Mum (Margaret) thinks that shopping over the Internet is pretty amazing – she’ll be even more impressed with your courteous follow up! – thank you”

Helen, United Kingdom

“I think your website is a real discovery, easy to browse and such inspiring recipes!”

Lesley Anne Greene United Kingdom

“My first order was dispatched with impressive promptness. At last I can indulge in some exciting culinary experiments. Thank you!”

Alan Ward United Kingdom

“Thank you once again for providing such a wonderful service… second to none!”

Barbara Webster United Kingdom

“I’ve tried a couple of your blends using Nigella Lawson recipes and they’re wonderfull. Well done”

Elizabeth Tattersall, United Kingdom

“I bought some of your herbs at the Food and Drink Show and found them superior to the ones at the supermarket”

Diane Hunt, United Kingdom

“Ordered some of your products after reading Nigella Lawsons Summer book and they are absolutley fabulous!”

Elyse Chatterton United Kingdom

“Now I have found your site – I can get cooking. The prices are so reasonable as well!”

Karen Blanchard, United Kingdom

“Very good website, GREAT Spice mixes”

Steve O’Neill United Kingdom

“I can honestly tell you that you have definitely won yourselves a customer since one of my very favorite chefs – AWT – has spoken of you”

Patricia, United Kingdom

“Great products, good website and a nice personal touch with your stationery which comes with the order. A very satisfied customer!”

Evelyn Johnston United Kingdom

“Excellent customer service and I have already recommended you to friends and colleagues”

Stephen Rigden, United Kingdom

“I have tried several of your products and always been very impressed”

Sarah Ramsbottom, United Kingdom

“Hi Guys, Thanks for order quickly received. Your spices are the very best!”

Jean Welling, United Kingdom

“Hot Hot Hot!! what a Fantastic site!! It’s a great reference point for checking out the latest recipes and flavours from around the world”

Gary Small United Kingdom

“Great products and excellent delivery – I’ve been recommending it to all my friends!”

Susan Atkins United Kingdom

“Thank you, the order arrived today. Fantastic service”

Julie Woodard, United Kingdom

“Your supply is speedy, goods well-packed, quality excellent”

Patricia United Kingdom

“What fantastic service!! My order arrived 24 hours after placing it with you, and you can’t get better than that. Will definitely be using you again”

Debbie Reynolds United Kingdom

“After spending our honeymoon in Morocco it was a delight to be able to buy an authentic product in this country”

Thea Mallett United Kingdom

“I will order from you again without any reservations, also will recommend to friends and family. Keep up the good work”

Gary United Kingdom

“I think your company is really great! It is wonderful to be able to find all these herbs and spices available! Thanks!”

Elise Buhn United Kingdom

“just placed an order with you – and I just wanted to say what a nice experience this was. The chap who took my order was cheerful, patient and very pleasant”

Sarah United Kingdom

“Last year I was given a mulled wine spice mix as a christmas present, I have tried other brands since but nothing compares to the taste of yours”

Frazer United Kingdom

“Fantastic service and unusual to deal with ‘human beings’ offering good service these days. Keep up the good work”

Hazel Clarke United Kingdom

“Not only will I be ordering from you again but I will not hesitate to recommend you to all my friends in the future. Well done and keep up the good work”

Kat Webster United Kingdom

“=Just browsed your wonderful website and have bought an armful of your products from Sainsburys – they are really great”

Leila Golby United Kingdom

“Many thanks. Everything arrived safely in this mornings post (Wednesday). Very prompt and efficient service as usual”

Joyce Malcolm United Kingdom

“Wonderful site just discovered it, my friend told me about you. Enjoying downloading your lovely recipes”

Beverley Crump United Kingdom

“I have placed my first order – not the last, I guarantee – for some lovely Middle Eastern spices”

Susanne Fitzpatrick United Kingdom

“I used the Christmas Mulled Wine Spice and my fame for Mulled Wine (already legendary) spread still further. It is the best mix I have ever used”

Jane Hill-Scott United Kingdom

“Have bought several different blends from different outlets and have never failed to be impressed. Thanks”

Christian Checkley United Kingdom

“Thank you for your very speedy response to my order for Pink Peppercorns which duly arrived as promised on friday morning”

Graeme Lockwood United Kingdom

“I’ll recommend you to anyone who may be interested. Certainly, the best way of increasing your business must be by word of mouth and tasting”

Thomas Taylor United Kingdom

“I just love using these wonderful spices and am really glad to have found a source without having to trail round the shops! Many thanks”

Annie Gregory United Kingdom

“I can’t believe how FAST you got the order out to me! I only ordered it yesterday and wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow at the earliest!”

Jayne Bailey United Kingdom

“I also make mention of your superb newsletters. I receive quite a few from food related web sites, but yours is by far the best”

Martin Scarff United Kingdom

“Just a quick note to say thank you for my first – but not last – order. The resealable packs are a fantastic idea and work really well”

Philippa Higginson United Kingdom

“Received this morning – delighted to have got in time for dinner party this weekend. I’ll definitely use you again”

Ruth Batchelor United Kingdom

“The order I made at 12 o’clock on Friday lunchtime was delivered on Saturday morning. First class service, well done. Thank you again”

Penelope Tredwell United Kingdom

“Not able to start cooking yet as it’s heaven just to stand there sniffing all the spices! Almost as good as being on holiday–almost!”

Mary Howell United Kingdom

“Great delivery service. Ordered yesterday, arrived in post this morning. Thanks”

Tony Griffiths United Kingdom

“There are barely enough mealtimes in the week to try all these wonderful ingredients”

Marilyn Reed United Kingdom

“Received my first order from you last week. Could not believe the quality and value for money. Look forward to dealing a lot more with you in the near future”

Robert Swan United Kingdom

“A fantastic service, and the beginning of a long association”

Alison Lee United Kingdom

“Delivery this morning was so quick it was unexpected. Thank you so much, I am sure we will use you again in the future”

Alison Davies United Kingdom

“Your website is commendable, easy to understand, lots of interesting features and products. I will be placing an order with you today!”

Carolyn Addison United Kingdom

“You have a convert – been using and storing spices the wrong way and came across your packaging and noticed the difference!”

Pat Holland United Kingdom

“Your spice blends are fantastic!”

Anneli Brisley United Kingdom

“I will be placing more orders and recommending you to all my friends!!”

Sue Gillingwater United Kingdom

“Very impressive. The spices are great, I am really pleased with everything”

Amanda Loverseed United Kingdom

“Thanks for your very quick response – ordered 5pm on Thursday and it arrived on Saturday morning. Very impressed”

Katy Whelan United Kingdom

“I will soon be ordering and cooking exotic dishes like lombok chicken curry sounds great. Well done”

Mark Gooding United Kingdom

“Thank you Seasoned Pioneers for your latest information. The website gets better everytime we visit. Please keep it up!”

John Rogers-Jones United Kingdom

“The foil packaging is very handy. Before discovering your website had ordered from another website and their goods came in ordinary plastic bags”

Louise Lacey United Kingdom

“Congratulations, we received our goods at 9.30 this morning, some 22 hours after placing the order. Thank You”

Jim Stripe United Kingdom

“I have bought your products – they are wonderful – love the packaging too”

Nicky Morrison United Kingdom

“Just to say that the spices arrived this morning: I am delighted and amazed by the speed and efficiency of your service. Thank you very much!”

Ruth Saunders United Kingdom

“Just a thank you for your excellent service and website. I can now start planning my morrocan feast for next weekend”

Erica Turnbull United Kingdom

“Am so impressed – I placed my order on Thursday evening and received it this morning (Friday) – now that is what I call customer service!!!!”

Karen Halsman United Kingdom

“Very Many Thanks for a quality postal/online service when some other companies charge ridiculous postage for a very slow service over here to N.I.”

Darren Pollock United Kingdom

“The recipe booklet is great and my husband is eager to try the Traditional Lamb Khouzi ‘Zahtar Spice Blend’”

Jen Hesmondhalgh United Kingdom

“It is a delight to use your products and I am telling all my friends about you”

Mike Prosser United Kingdom

“With reference to my order – I was very impressed to receive my order yesterday (30th) – thank you very much”

Eve Croft United Kingdom

“I tried the organic Ras-el-Hanout and it turned what would normally have been a very plain salad into a wonderfully spicy dish”

Aine Kenny United Kingdom

“Just wanted to say thanks very much for my spices – I was really impressed how quickly they came”

Genevieve Taylor, United Kingdom

“It just arrived – now that’s what I call service. Many thanks”

David Baker United Kingdom

“It is such a pleasant change in this day and age of automated call centres to have a real human being at the other end of a phone!”

Pat Pain United Kingdom

“Many thanks for the wonderfully quick and efficient service. Your website is also brilliant, full of great ideas”

Debbie O`Neil United Kingdom

“I especially like the fact that SP seems to be a relatively “small” company and you had the time to send a personalized letter that was even signed”

John Gorst United Kingdom

“We bought a sachet of your Christmas Mulled Wine Spice Mix when we visited your stand at the Good Food Show at the NEC – it was sensational!!!”

Paul Green United Kingdom

“I tried the Ras-el-Hanout spice mix on chicken breasts last night I have been “oohing” and “aahing” for the past hour on your Web site. It is fantastic”

Sue Dean United Kingdom

“I especially like your gift packs, and the way the spices come with other recipe suggestions”

Mandy Elkerton United Kingdom

“The site is great as is the e-newsletter – I love the recipes, keep them coming!”

Nicky Morrison United Kingdom

“I am so excited at the prospect of being able to buy Galangal!! Well done!! I look forward to finding out what other treasures you stock?”

Kirsty Dunn United Kingdom

“I mucked up with my online order, somehow ordered twice, and you phoned and checked, great!”

Joyce Armstrong United Kingdom

“I really appreciate you dealing with my order with urgency. I will definitely be ordering from you again!”

Grace Dugdale United Kingdom

“Am most impressed with the prompt service, the packaging, the recipe booklet and even the little letter enclosed with the order”

Joyce Malcolm United Kingdom

“I think your spice selection is wonderful. I thought I would have to go to Morrocco to get some of them”

Edith Hills United Kingdom

“I received the order this morning. What a service! Many thanks”

Leila Mapley United Kingdom

“Now I know what the flavour of Ras-el-Hanout is I will certainly experiment – I feel that courgettes, onion and garlic will compliment it”

Louise Lacey United Kingdom

“I shall definitely be ordering from you again and shall also recommend you to anyone else who is interested”

Lou Cross United Kingdom

“Very impressed with the speed with which my order arrived – and so beautifully packaged too”

Annabel Casey United Kingdom

“The packaging is great. The packets actually do seal up again! So many of that sort do not”

Avril United Kingdom

“The packaging is great. Being able to squeeze the air out and re-seal the pouch is VERY handy, keeping everything fresh”

Philip Niland United Kingdom

“Beautiful aroma from the spices smelt wonderful, and it didn’t over power the meat, but added a gorgeous delicate aromatic flavour”

Jane Jameson United Kingdom

“I am very impressed with your very quick service I placed my order on the 5th August and received it on the 11th August in Italy so I will definitely be using your company again”

Helen Italy

Thought you’d like to know my sister’s Xmas present arrived in Brisbane without a problem. Clearly you are not viewed as contraband by the Aussie authorities! Still loving and exploring your products. Thanks so much, Pam

Pam United Kingdom

Thanks for an extra quick delivery – less than 2 days after I ordered my stuff! And the range of products is extensive, much better than the local French supermarkets. I’m a happy customer!

Annette Herholdt France

Hi Karen, Just received the package – that’s what I call service!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Mike

United Kingdom

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the sauces I recently ordered from you. However, for me, the best part of the whole process was opening the box and simply breathing in the spice smell. It quite took me back to the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul! Now every time I open your catalogue (contained within the box), I am reminded many happy visits there. Thank you and best wishes, Peter

United Kingdom

Here in France there are a number of spices that I have been unable to purchase until​ I discovered Seasoned Pioneers. I really appreciated the speed of delivery and how well everything was packaged. I also think the re-sealable foil packets are inspired. I will definitely be using the company again.

Linda Farhall

Been buying from Seasoned Pioneers for years; I’ve tried most other spices and herbs and can honestly say they are absolutely the don of everything spice and herb related!! You will never be disappointed with the quality and flavour and the little sealed pouches last for ages even though I use them every day. The range is astounding. My go to for all spices and herbs now! Fast delivery too!

Philippa Kaye United Kingdom

My order arrived about 24 hours after I ordered it. Everything was in superb condition and so far, the spices I’ve used have been excellent.

Leila Spinks United Kingdom

I have made several orders now and have been very impressed with your service. The range of seasonings you have are fantastic, the foil pouches are brilliant and easy to reseal and the delivery is super quick. I will now always buy my spices from Seasoned Pioneers. Thank you for great customer service A*****

Joanne Bayliss United Kingdom

I would like to say how efficient the service was and what a great range of products you stock. I was on the team of The Small Business Bus and saw you at your stall in Chester; I took a catalogue and showed it to my wife as we are both fond of cooking. Neither of us realised how wide your range was and I ordered spices we don’t usually see or use. I am looking forward to the new foods we will be cooking in the new year.

Peter Flynn United Kingdom

Incredible service. My recent order accidentally short-shipped the second pouch of my most used spice (ground cumin). A simple email from me and I had this had by return (first class) post with no questions. I didn’t use the whole first pouch just that quickly but Thank you! F

F. Regan United Kingdom

Products were excellent well packed and good value thanks.


Your website was easy to use, the items arrived swiftly & safely and I would definitely recommend and buy from you again.

Jo Woods United Kingdom

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