Great Taste Awards 2020



We work so hard in providing you with the best herbs, spices, spice mixes and gourmet cooking sauces on the market. We couldn’t be any more proud that 6 of our products have been awarded one of the highest awards in the food industry. (We’re not crying you’re crying!)

We haven’t entered the awards for a good number of years but as we are now over 20 years old thought 2020 would be our lucky year!

What the judges said

Caribbean Barbeque Jerk Rub

This Caribbean Jerk Rub spice mix smells very aromatic and promising . The flavour is bright and vibrant with lots of warming heat from the chilli, a touch of sweetness and plenty of earthy fragrant notes from the spices. With a good amount of salt to enhance the flavours this would be an easy to use mix in the kitchen that would bring some excitement and life to your dinner. There is a long aromatic finish and the clove or pepper pleasantly numbs the mouth.

This is a lively, fruity blend. The fresh allspice really stands out. The mix also has a good balance of sweetness and more savoury elements and a pleasant chilli heat.

Fajita Power Pod

A warming aromatic Fajita spice mix which comes through and adds character when sampled on chicken. A spicy, earthy, smokiness you associate with fajitas. Pleasing heat, not too much but just there – a versatile and friendly mix. 

This is a fiery blend with a good balance of flavour. We liked the smoky notes and subtle use of garlic. It’s well seasoned, with the salt bringing out the fruity flavours in the spices.

Chicken Lollipop Power Pod

This Chicken Lollipop spice mix looks to have plenty of excitement. There is lots of aromatic flavour from the coriander which adds some citrussy bitterness, there is a clean aniseed note that is herbal and slightly sweet and then there are some salty, sweet, warm, spicy notes. With lots of flavour and interest this would liven up any chicken!

We liked the use of whole spices in this blend, providing both freshness and texture. The sweet aromatic flavour of the fennel seeds is well balanced with coriander and some smoky, warming heat. It also has a well judged level of salt to bring out the flavour.

Sri Lankan Curry Gourmet Cooking Sauce

This Sri Lankan Curry Sauce is and excellent store cupboard staple. This would probably be a family pleaser. Gentle level of heat with a hint of coconut.

A golden, green speckled sauce with a good punchy aroma. The initial taste is green and fruity, with top notes of fresh leafy, almost freshly chopped vegetables, and there’s a citrussy freshness. This is backed by some warming, roasted spice notes. We always feel that a good sauce (curry or otherwise) is a marriage of all of its parts and this is a good example of a sauce made well. Notes of coconut carry the flavours but don’t dominate them.

Moroccan Fennel & Apricot Tagine Gourmet Cooking Sauce

What a stunning aroma of fresh acidic tomatoes, fennel and Moroccan spice. Each spice has obviously been chosen and prepared with great care. The appearance is rich and vibrant, and even prior to warming the tagine sauce, the early indications of tasting are very enticing. 

A vibrant and glossy sauce with appealing specks of spice and an enticing savory aroma.

A very good looking texture and sweet apricot aroma tempts us to taste this cooking sauce.

Cajun Jambalaya Gourmet Cooking Sauce

This smells good, with a big waft of sweet peppers. There are discernible pieces of celery and onion, as well as red and green capsicums, and the lack of gloopy thickeners means there is an honest feel to it. On the palate, it delivers a big chilli kick.

An aromatic fragrant sauce, with lovely clean notes. What’s most pleasing about this product is how fresh it tastes, with the spices, herbs and vegetables marrying well. It has all the elements to make a quick, easy, tasty supper.

A Cajun Jambalaya sauce with plenty of chopped pieces of onion, pepper and vegetables – the consistency is almost vegetable soup like. The heat starts to develop, the red pepper adds touches of sweetness a very quick and easy sauce to use.

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