Picnic Season Starts!

Seasonal Ideas

As Brits we love when the weather starts to get warmer. Even more so when we can eat al fresco without our coats and extra layers on!

A picnic in the park, a garden or along a riverside is essential when the sun shines and part of the enjoyment is all the ‘picky food’ items you can pack into a basket!

From pork pies to fruit platters, you can be as basic or creative as you like, but some of our recipes give you that something extra! We want to inspire you to have the best picnic this summer!

Halloumi Wrap


Instead of the usual sandwich, a wrap is a great alternative and you can really pack any ingredients you fancy into it! Most supermarkets offer a variety of wraps to suit your tastebuds these days too such as wholewheat, Indian spiced and even beetroot or tomato! If your gluten free you can find these options around too. A favourite filling of ours is Halloumi which works wonders with most salads or sauces. Check out this recipe using our beautiful Ras El Hanout spice blend!

pumpkin feta

Pastry Treats

One of the most common picnic items is usually the sausage roll, easily picked up in most deli’s or shops but how about making your own this Summer? Gone are the days of just using sausage meat for your filling too, black pudding is a popular choice for chunky meaty rolls. Or you can find cheese and onion options and tasty vegan treats using mushroom or jackfruit.  How about our recipe using an unusual but delicious combination of pumpkin, feta and nigella seeds?

Chipotle Chicken Salad


There’s always someone trying to bring a bit of healthiness to the picnic! But now you don’t have to worry about boring lettuce and drab slices of cucumber. Many places offer beautifully dressed prepped salads you can pick up on the way to your sun spot. Or if your feeling adventurous take your own Tupperware full of healthy goodness! Avocado is the trendy topping of the moment, full of delicious nutrients and can be paired with so many things. Our recipe uses crushed chipotle and chicken which is a fantastic addition to brighten up your salad! 

Along with all the recipes we also have a garden party collection bundle for Marinades and Dips.

You can impress your friends or a date when you break out the zingy salad dressings, the creamy mint yoghurt dip or give a spicy kick with a chilli concoction! Whatever you decide, these blends will make anything tastier on your picnic.

Garden Party Dips Pic

Other recipes we would recommend for an awesome picnic!





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